Sheshgiri Kamath

Founder & CEO of Kapture CRM

Mr Sheshgiri Kamath has completed his studies from Cloud dancer aviation in 2001. Currently, Mr Kamath is the CEO of Kapture CRM. Prior, Mr Sheshgiri Kamath was the Head of Business Development at Mr Kamath has a wonderful insight into the business. His core competency lies in the fact that he is able to visualize, the dynamics of the business and is able to take necessary actions much in advance before anyone could foresee. His hunger for knowledge not only makes him one of the best of his types but also his execution capabilities bundled in him make him a lethal combination of being a visionary and executioner.   



5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Cloud-based CRM

With the use of cloud CRMs companies have seen a significant positive impact to their business growth and customer experience

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