Srinivasa Raghavan

CEO and Founder, Animaker.Inc

An Engineering and a Management Graduate from MIT, Chennai, Raghav is a technocrat and a product geek who believes in solving problems of any magnitude with Creativity. After a successful stint with Infosys and handling major projects for Bank of America, Raghav moved on to pursue his entrepreneurial quest.

His passion for visual presentations ended up in starting off India’s top explainer video production house Bode Animation along with his engineering buddy Loganathan, attracting top clientele like World Bank, McKinsey, KPMG, Amazon, Deloitte, Unilever etc. But not everyone can afford to make high-quality professional videos in scale spending thousands of dollars and the result of which is the birth of Animaker Inc.

The experience and expertise gained out of running a successful services business evolved into developing a very cost effective and world class DIY Video Making App on Cloud, Animaker that could cater to SMEs, Individuals and Fortune 500 companies that look for professional yet simple tools that could empower them in high volume of video content creation. As the Founder & CEO, Raghav brings to the table his Creativity, Strategic Thinking, Product Design & Development Skills setting the mission and vision for the company.



Growth Strategies

5 Reasons Why Companies are Adopting Animated Based Training Modules for Their Employees

Animated videos can simplify complex ideas and concepts or explain a process in detail where knowledge retention is also high!

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