Sunny Kapoor

Chief Executive Officer, GladAge

An engineer responsible for launching ZEE TV in the UK in 1994, he has launched several TV stations in Europe prior that. In 1999, he built a care sector company from scratch, witnessing its growth to a multi-million pounds business. In 2014, he sold it to an MNC but was retained as a Director for expansion and control of operations.

Founder & Chief Operations Officer of Heath Lodge Care Services Ltd, with 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of care sector. Highly-skilled at building inbound marketing & sales strategy to help companies convert leads and close customers. Using Blockchain technology, Kapoor wants to build a new ecosystem to solve issues with elderly care, securing a better future for them.



Can Blockchain Prevent Billion Dollar Scams in the Aged Care Sector?

The technology is capable of establishing an automated environment which leaves no room for scams


Can Automation Take Care of the Aged?

An automated world could be a better place for our seniors as it will have precision and efficiency

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