Swati Sawhney

Founder, The Center of Healing

Swati Sawhney, a social worker and currently the head of a startup Center of Healing started her journey to enlighten lives a decade ago. Belonging to a business class family and seeking education from Delhi University, she always had an urge to enhance other people’s lives in every manner she could.

As a social worker, she actively worked with various NGOs, took free parenting classes in schools, took seminars on girl’s education in Delhi Council for Child Welfare, and also took classes on good touch and bad touch in schools like Adarsh Play School and many such social events. 

After being a social activist, she was still looking for a platform that could help people fight their problems, so she established the Center of Healing which helped people enhance their inner soul and body and recognize their strengths which could apprise and brighten their future. She also runs her own NGO named The Center of Healing which works in the upliftment of underprivileged women and kids.

The basic motive of Sawhney to establish this NGO was to provide life skills to poor women so that they could become financially independent and attain a respected position in society. This NGO also works in the field of improving the mental health of people. Sawhney has recently won The Game Changers Business Awards, 2019 as she has changed the game in the field of mental health and made people live a mentally healthy life. 



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