Tarun Kumar Bansal

President, Sagacious IP


News and Trends

5 Ways To Create Value From Your Intellectual Property

Ever since the emphasis on intangible assets such as IP has increased, organizations with IP portfolios have begun to effectively manage their IP assets to maximize the economic value

News and Trends

4 Reasons Why IP Protection Is Critical To Business Growth

Since IP is a valuable asset for businesses, its protection is important for organizations to set them apart from competitors and use IP as an essential part of their business strategy

Growth Strategies

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Starting a New Or Peripheral R&D Vertical

Here's how patent data can be used to make business decisions regarding starting a new or peripheral R&D vertical

Growth Strategies

How Indian Companies Can Unlock Value of Their Patents: Licensing Vs. Selling

Before diving headfirst into monetizing your assets with this knowledge, one must first evaluate the options and then decide whether to choose licensing or selling their patents

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