Tushar Ahluwalia

CEO and Co-founder, StalkBuyLove

Tushar Ahluwalia, an LBS (London Business School) alumni is a Serial e-commerce entrepreneur. He is the CEO and Co-founder of StalkBuyLove - a fashion focused private label eCommerce company with a unique tech-enabled supply-chain model. Prior to StalkBuyLove, he was the co-founder & CEO of Westwing Group's (Rocket Internet) Indian operations at HeavenAndHome.com, where he built country-wide eCommerce operations in India. Born & raised in Germany, Tushar is building the first profitable eCommerce business in India. He believes that "‎High Net CLV is the solution to Indian eCommerce".


Growth Strategies

Indian E-Commerce Is Not Dead: It Is Simply Evolving

India is not, and cannot simply be a carbon-copy of business models from the Western world!

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