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Entrepreneurs are now embracing adventure sports for bursting their stress Young working professionals and entrepreneurs, with increased awareness around mental health, are understanding the utility of adventure sports which helps in tackling anxiety and stress

By Niharika Nigam

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The life of an entrepreneur is quite hectic and stressful. The increasing market competition and work pressure are the key reasons responsible for it. This leads to young entrepreneurs becoming prey to depression, anxiety and other health complications. According to research conducted by ICICI Lombard, around 65% of youth (mainly entrepreneurs) between the age group of 22-25 show early signs of depression.

Young working professionals and entrepreneurs, with increased awareness around mental health, are understanding the utility of adventure sports towards that end and as a productive and empowering way to tackle anxiety and stress. Extreme sports such as bungy jumping, scuba diving; sky diving and rafting are life-changing experiences that demand sheer courage and mental strength that goes beyond physical health. While physical fitness enhances every experience of life, exercising the mind and pushing its limits is equally important. Some of the adventurous sports such as bungy jumping require immense courage which is why many believe that adventure sports are not everyone's cup of tea. But standing at the edge forces one to channel that strength from within and therein frees the superhero within.

Boosts self-confidence

Adventure sports is about overcoming fears and thereby makes a person believe that nothing is impossible. Indeed, adventure sports have started being used as a tool by management companies to bolster the confidence level among their employees as part of their HR activities. The "I CAN' attitude can be taught only in theory in classrooms but the practical instilling of it can be achieved effectively through adventure sports.

Enhances the concentration-level

Since such activities are demanding in terms of mental strength and focus, they help one achieve the "flow state', i.e., a state of enhanced concentration, wherein external distractions are cut off. Regular engagement with these sports helps in enhancing concentration. This includes critical thinking, good vision and robust decision making, among others. Various researches have shown that extreme sports help a person to concentrate better. It enhances the concentration level and prepares an entrepreneur to face extreme situations boldly.

Positive Attitude

Adventure sports inculcates positivity by reducing stress, anxiety and boosting confidence. It refreshes and rejuvenates the mind. But by pushing one out of their comfort zone, it also makes one more conscious of their life force, which is thrilling and overwhelming all at once.

Improves mental health

Adventure sport reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body. At the same time, it stimulates the production of endorphins. These are natural mood lifters that can keep stress and depression away. Adventure sports such as bungy jumping and skydiving continue to attract entrepreneurs as they boost mental health, making one stronger from the inside.

Understanding the above, companies nowadays have started initiating corporate expeditions for their employees. It keeps the employees active and is a good break from monotonous routines. It increases productivity by empowering the workforce.

Niharika Nigam

Director-business development, Jumpin Heights

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