Bring Out the Entrepreneur in You With These 5 Small Things

You need not own large-scale businesses to showcase your entrepreneurial traits

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By Rahul R

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With smartness being the groovy thing in, now, as far as starting new entrepreneurial ventures are concerned, newbie entrepreneurs need to remember that entrepreneurship does not necessarily refer to founding a hardcore commercial business by setting up a large office and recruiting multiple teams. Your entrepreneurship could also be furthered in the form of furthering your passions and hobbies.

If you are an individual desirous of turning an entrepreneur, you should be glad to know that the entrepreneurial community now recognizes offbeat entrepreneurial traits as well. For this, you need to introduce the entrepreneur in you to the world. In this regard, check out 5 ways in which you can relatively easily showcase the entrepreneur in you to the world; not necessarily through commercial business ventures:

  • Turn Vlogger: Vlogging is a fast catching trend; young entrepreneurs are taking to moto Vlogging increasingly. You could choose to turn a vlogger (not necessarily a moto vlogger), create videos of stuff you enjoy and use online channels to showcase these offerings. Apart from visibility, your idea potentially gets increased recognition due to the "global" factor.

    Also, you could explore your passion (for anything) while you also have an opportunity at generating finances (through online video sharing channels). Your videos could be on simple aspects such as real-time traffic conditions at a particular place or even coverage of key meetups; there is no restriction on content category.

  • Lend a helping hand: You could be an entrepreneur even when you decide to lend a helping hand during contingencies such as floods, famine, earthquakes, offering vehicles for ambulances, and more. If you have the passion to help fellow beings, you could do so; and quality as an entrepreneur having helped with various essential aspects.

    Though this is most likely a not-for-profit venture, the recognition and your urge to solve problems for society would get its due. Your societal entrepreneurship skills comes to the fore in these circumstances. You could also work for profit, and choose to turn angel/equity investor to other ventures.

  • Offer motivation: Now, remember that motivational speaking is now picking up like wild fire, and there are full-time motivational speakers in town as well. You need not necessarily be a full-time motivational speaker, but if you think you have the motivational streak within, then turn into a part-time motivator wherein you offer talks through social channels or simply to somebody in need of positivity for life.

    Your rewards, here, would be satisfaction as well as positivity for the self in addition to finance (in certain cases).

  • Through innovation: Innovation happens irrespective of the stage you are in at life. This could come when you are at college, through an innovation as part of your college projects, or could come at a time when you are doing really well at your job and start thinking out of the box to complete your work tasks.

    You could also choose to ideally draw and paint a relevant subject so as to grab eyeballs. Now these are to be treated as opportunities, and furthering these innovations could potentially make you a top-notch entrepreneur.

  • Through organization: You need not be a professional event manager; you could simply organize local festivals at your locality and ensure that people get to enjoy it thoroughly. These skills, when explored in depth could in fact lead to bringing out an event manager in you.

Not only these, you could also organize family get-togethers, birthdays, weddings, and more to show glimpses of your entrepreneurial traits (both unknowingly and knowingly). Now, though these are not business, the positives certainly point that you are more than capable of ensuring that these traits lead to something huge.
Rahul R

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