#7 Reasons How Travelling Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Travelling makes you push your limits, throws tougher situations in your face and forces you to give up bad habits

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Visiting and travel have always been a core idea which has been incorporating humanity around itself for ages. Dislocation and travelling have been a blessing to the mankind all ever since its inception.


With the evolution of the world, the problems in subsequent generations evolved too! Every generation saw a set of people who solved this problem. The history is evidence that when the entrepreneurs were answering the problems of this world, it was their travel ventures that gave answers to most of their queries.

The idea inherits credibility when the likes of Zuckerberg and Jobs travelled to the Himalayas in a quest of being a better self. If I am asked to provide a crux, here are 7 reasons how travelling makes a better entrepreneur out of you!

Goodbye Comfort Zone

If you intend to create a legendary product, first and foremost requirement is to get out of your comfort zone. All the magic happens when you move out of your pre-defined zone of relaxation. Travelling makes you bid adieu to this comfort zone. It makes you push your limits, throws tougher situations in your face and makes you give up the 'bad' habits. This where you learn the art of adaptation!

Survive on the Basic Minimum Necessities

Travelling is all about moving out of your comfort zone and the connecting link in this series is that you cannot take your home with you where ever you visit. Lack of the resources calls for another battle, a battle to survive! In fact, being exposed to minimal resources, you will be prompted to make a judicious use of same. This is what your enterprise demands from you! You are required to innovate to survive. If you do not, well yeah, you are out of the market.

You Happen to Recognise the Problems

Entrepreneurship is all about solving the current world problems. In this journey of providing solutions, you need to have a first-hand account of the problem. The difference I saw between the service provider and consumer by the ghats of The Ganges would have never surfaced to me had I not seen it happening in front of my eyes. These gaps which you can bridge are encountered on this journey of the making of an entrepreneur as you travel.

Travelling Triggers Your Creativity

Credit the change of the environment or the impact of the surroundings, the ideas are inevitable when you are on the go! This exchange of the energy following the principles of Thermodynamics induces the change in you. While the ideas start hitting your brain, the creativity enters a channelized flow.

This systematic cross-linking derived from travelling makes the human in you a better entrepreneur.

You Develop a Vision for the World and Related Problems

Travelling makes you go to the places which are yet undiscovered by your conscience. This opens up the doorway for you to experience the different cultures. Unknowingly, you feel connected to the problems encountered by those people. This leaves you with a global vision to solve world problems.

Improved Networking and Communication Skills

One of the skills which most of our graduates lack is that of communication and networking. But as you interact with different cultures, the domain of your brain expands. I am sure you will agree that entrepreneurship involves a lot of communication on different levels. Travelling expects you to strike random conversations with different people. You are smart enough to connect the dots, aren't you?

Your Significance is Determined by You!

The more you see, the more you realise that this is one big world and you are nothing but a tiny creature. If your product needs to make a difference, it has to be dynamic at its core. If you have to solve the existing problems of this world, you are required to understand this as soon as possible and travelling is the shortcut to recognise this!

So, when are you leaving with your backpacks on a journey of becoming a storyteller who knows how to make this world a better place?