Not an Entrepreneur Yet? Nursing Hopes to Become One? Important Questions to Ask Yourself

If you are ready to face all these challenges and push yourself hard then you are ready to g

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Entrepreneurship is a journey that begins when you are driven by your dreams. It is one of the most exciting journeys that you will take in your life. Creating your own company is a huge dream which requires an undying passion for the vision that you believe in. This belief takes you closer to what you wish to achieve. Though it may not be an easy task, it is accomplishable if you are willing to risk it all to achieve your dream. To accomplish it, remember to ask yourself the right questions because as the famous Romanian-French playwright, Eugene Ionesco once quoted, "It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question"


As I think about my journey and how I have made it to the position that I am at today, here are the five questions I asked myself before I set forth, which I believe every entrepreneur should ask herself/himself at the start of the journey

1. What drives you to become an entrepreneur?

We all face those dull days when nothing seems to work out. Especially as an entrepreneur you need to have mantras for getting past those cloudy days. In my case, it was the failures which urged me to strive harder, as I learnt my most valuable lessons from them. The upheavals turned out to be my ignition for moving forward. So, the key is to identify a trigger, something that motivates you and build on it.

2. Are you ready to face challenges?

An entrepreneurial journey doesn't start without a well-laid plan. However, for the plan to work an entrepreneur needs to have a lot of patience and double the perseverance. A business will reap its benefits when the time is right, but till then one needs to plan efficiently, work on its implementation and overcome every obstacle in the way. If you are ready to face all these challenges and push yourself hard then you are ready to go.

3. Are you ready to multitask?

Today, multitasking has become a way of life. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a professional, multitasking is an irreplaceable skill. Hence, you must be able to successfully juggle various acts that you play as an entrepreneur – including that of a family member.

4. Do you value risk?

Being a risk taker is the sine qua non of an entrepreneur's life. You need to analyse, forecast and pre-plan for a crisis in these dynamic and uncertain times of doing business. How you stand firm on the ground during high tides (and low) determines whether you will create history with what you believe in. Here, the risk is not in regards to profitability but it is to do with sustainability i.e, the process of being able mitigate and manage risks without draining yourself or the business out. So you have to be always ready to take smart risks.

5. How well can you deal with failures?

Jeff Bezos, Amazon, CEO, called failures and inventions "inseparable twins." One of the most difficult challenges in entrepreneurship is to deal with failure. But if you learn to identify how to find the light in the darkness, you reinvent yourself by finding new skills which you didn't think you were capable of. Once you are out of it, you evolve, you lead, you delegate, and you share the highs and lows with people who are part of your incredible journey.

While you may face hurdles like any other profession, the journey of entrepreneurship gives you unparalleled joy and ultimate satisfaction. So embark on this glorious journey by asking the right questions at the right time and give wings to your dreams.