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Does Owning a Degree Contribute to Your Entrepreneurial Success? No one can stop a determined entrepreneur; even a piece of paper can fall short in front of a great idea

By Vivek Jain

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Entrepreneurship - What can one really say about it? It can cover endless pages and fill up many chapters if one gets down to jotting the journey of an entrepreneur and their contribution in our daily lives!

When it comes to entrepreneurship, the world has witnessed more of the odds, succeeding at the trade than any other.

A Piece of Paper Can Fall Short in Front of a Great Idea

While stereotyping is faced by almost every successful personality, entrepreneurs are no exception. Failure to present a degree at times can put one in a doubtful spot in front of a venture capitalist or an angel investor as for them degrees might act as a credibility or assurance to have faith in your business proposal.

On the other hand, no one can stop a determined entrepreneur; even a piece of paper can fall short in front of a great idea. The art lies in recognizing the opportunity, taking calculated risks and moving beyond the comfort level.

India has witnessed innumerable number of entrepreneurs emerging from all walks of life, belonging to the recent and current generation with entrepreneurs' working day in and out to make their ideas take form and delivering the right product to the masses.

The Entrepreneurial Wave

This culture of entrepreneurship is an amalgamation of cross demographics, gender, caste, creed and other societal norms. The spirit of entrepreneurship can either come from within or else can be developed through enriching experiences or instances of enlightenment in one's professional life. India, being one of the fastest developing countries, has experienced a surge in emerging entrepreneurs; it's not just taking baby steps towards entrepreneurship but also succeeding at it.

The likes of Azim Premji, Ratan Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani and others are among the esteemed personalities of the business world whose struggle stories have encouraged the current generation of entrepreneurs. Their knowledge and business acumen have provided a base for the upcoming generation of entrepreneurial talents of the nation who in turn derive motivation and success lessons, as a direction to bring innovative ideas as a solution to the common man's problems and to give shape to their ideas.

Is Being a College drop-out a Necessity to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

India has had its own share of Mark Zuckerburg and Steve Jobs i.e college drop-outs that turned out to be success stories, setting up empires to speak for their accomplishment. The speculation around this then gets down to "If college drop-outs make the best of creative minds for a successful business or is college degree a must to have the managerial know-how of a business venture for informed and assured decision making, comparatively?"

The answer to it all is --The right vision. A common thing among both kinds of entrepreneurs is a vision and a concrete belief coupled with a disciplined approach to your vision. It is first and foremost very important to have a clarity of thought over tools necessary for driving the venture and also because it is the primary driver of success. If one knows their objective along with a distinct idea, it is the first big step to achieving it all. Therefore owning a degree is not a necessity for an aspiring entrepreneur with a vision and a true spirit.

Vivek Jain

Founder & CEO at

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