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Games that Drive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Games in the digital realm are not just games but have the potential of becoming a successful venture

By Amin Rozani

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The mind time and again, needs a break from the daily grind and stressors in life. After all, it is also being widely accepted that the best ideas come when the mind is focusing on something else entirely, as opposed to the task at hand. And the human mind has often resorted to entertainment in varied forms, which then works are a stress-buster. It is probably the reason why the after-school games on the playground, or spending time with friends playing "snakes and ladders' or "Ludo' are most reminisced by adults.

Not A Child's Play

Whether indoor or outdoor, games have always been a source of revitalization for the mind. With the changing landscape, the games have also undergone an evolution of sorts. Games today stimulate the mind, challenge one's thinking, compel one to strategize and think out-of-the-box. The games inadvertently inculcate imperative skills, which can probably aid individuals to become better innovators and entrepreneurs.

The revival of the board-games with path-breaking offerings such as Catan and Jenga, have redefined, what board games can deliver. Games today are no longer a child's play, in fact, the new-age offering including digital titles challenge the brightest adult minds. Poker is another new-age digital phenomenon, which is highly appealing to the people in our country. Online poker has gathered an unprecedented following over the last 03 year. The game inculcates patience and more concentration in players along with time management skills as well as encourages players to be pro-active. With unlimited options at the disposal of players today, each game holds the potential to sharpen a certain skill, which can possibly be effectively utilized in a professional setting and in life as well.

Skill Test

Among the multiple offerings, Scrabble puts a person's knowledge to test, just as chess absolutely tests a person's observational skills, memory, strategizing as well as long-term and short-term planning. These games when played frequently over time do tend to shape and sharpen these skills in a person. These skills are also what shape an entrepreneur. When you are an entrepreneur, the sharp and clear thinking, sound knowledge help and each and step in games like Scrabble, help shape those very qualities. Similarly, large puzzles are best for team building and coordination of activities.

Challenging Digital Sphere

A lot of games are also easily accessible as apps and online, for individuals to sharpen effective skills which will indirectly polish them as potential entrepreneurs and innovators. With games such as chess and scrabble now easily accessible on smartphones, with features to play with friends, have made it extremely easy for aficionados to tap into their favourite offerings. Similarly, with poker going digital, the popularity of the game has caught-on, attracting a horde of players from around the country. The preference for poker and other challenging online games continues to snowball as it truly tests, and exercises skills, compelling the players to strategize, choose their battles, plan and be patient to make the most of the situation; believing in yourself and trusting your convictions.

The games in the digital realm, today, effectively challenge players across the board, and successfully cater to distinctive demands of each player. It won't be wrong to suggest that we have only just ushered in the era of gaming and with evolution in preferences and technology; players will continue to be enthralled by games, like never before.

Amin Rozani

Co-Founder & MD, The Spartan Poker

Amin Rozani is the Founder and Managing Director of The Spartan Poker, India’s leading &  most-trustworthy online Poker gaming portal launched in 2014. With over thousands of poker lovers using the portal, the company has seen an exponential growth since its inception.
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