Meet the Neuromorphic Duo of Ashwini and Anand

Their company Mad Street Den has brought computer vision to every device

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One needs to be passionate and emotionally connected to while building a brand, just the way Asokan and Dr Chandrasekaran is building their Mad Street Den. Both shared how they met 18 years back during their under graduation and eventually fell in love. "Getting to know Anand was bliss. We could talk about everything around us," shares Asokan. They got hitched during their post graduation.

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Post their nuptial vows, they indulged in making their different career path in one- technology! Likewise, Dr Chandrasekharan shares "Ashwini was into product designing and I always had my streak in neuroscience. Gradually, we understood through late night discussions that our background would fit perfectly for a dream start-up. Accordingly, we started planning it from 2000 and launched it in 2013." Likewise, they say, Mad Street Den is an emotional journey of battling highs and lows on a daily basis.

"We literally juggle between different issues at work. What is our achievement today could become a glitch tomorrow. We generally go with the flow and accept what needs to be taken care of," confirms she. On that take she speaks about their unending work, "Having your life partner as a cofounder has actually helped us creating this. We know each other's strength and weakness," explains Asokan. Accordingly, they plan their international trips one at a time to give time to their son. "Both Mad Street Den and our son are our children so we cannot leave either of them. It's been quiet sometime that both of us haven't holidayed together," she adds.

Rolling the wheel, Mad Street Den has brought computer vision to every device, from high-end displays to low-end smart phones, using its cloud-based machine learning-platform, they have popularized the technology.

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