A Shampoo that Convinced CK Kumaravel, and Others that Solutions for Hard Water Exist Iluvia is a Shampoo that can solve the problem of hard water and is a boon to haircare.

By Rahul R

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Today, having to deal, with the issue of hard water is giving a tough time for people across India considering the damages that are done to various aspects of the human body. In this regard, the problem of hard water has also known to be the cause of hairfall. To mitigate the issue of having to compromise with styling and wellness, Bengaluru-based startup Renaura Wellness has developed a hard water shampoo to potentially remove the mineral deposit to soften human hair and make it easier to style.

However, with water solubility being a key factor in long term removal of ions and deposits on the hair, Entrepreneur India sought to know from the founders (of Renaura Wellness) about the practical usability of their hard water shampoo called Iluvia that is now available for purchase from Amazon (pan India) and select stores in Bangalore and Chennai for INR 525.

The company has been founded by Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) alumnus Nishant Gupta and Palash Pandey. Renaura was also incubated at VIT before receiving funding from Startup Club Incurator (SCIN) which is the funding arm of Startups Club in Bengaluru.

A potentially easy way to mitigate hard water issue, for hair care

With usage of softeners and filters not practical for a vast majority considering cost factors, people preferring hair care are better off with using products that could fight the additional mineral and ion deposits left behind by hard water. "Technology should essentially solve issues in the 21st century," states Nishant Gupta to Entrepreneur India.

"Having personally faced the problem, this was an opportunity to look at employing technology to come out with solutions," informs Gupta when asked about the rationale behind developing Iluvia.

Iluvia is a water-soluble conditioner that ensures hair essentially becomes softer without resulting in water-insoluble mineral deposits which has been known to aggravate dandruff and flakes amongst people actually possessing these issues. These naturally result in dry hair and increased hair fall, despite using anti-dandruff shampoos.

In summary, hair is detoxed whilst getting rid of foreign particles.

Iluvia hard water shampoo

"Most of the hair care products today are imported and not catering to the Indian scheme of things with respect to both technology as well as price," says Nishant.

Finding the right connect

It was at a meeting with CK Kumaravel, Co-Founder of Naturals Salon and Spa, who was excited on a hard water shampoo, which resulted in actually developing and introducing Iluvia to the masses with salons being a key focus area. Other key mentors include VIT, apart from Startups Club. At this juncture, Renaura has raised undisclosed equity funding.

"We are also coming out with a relatively new take on hair conditioners," adds Gupta.

Also, salons and wellness centres have been consistently seeking effective products that could naturally mitigate hairfall related problems.

The whole hard water shampoo project also stuck the right chords with the Government of India which released funds under its MSME mentoring scheme.

"Informing people about the essential practices of hair care and conditioning is the key to us at the end of the day," signs-off Gupta.

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