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Is Blake Smith the Next Elon? See How He's Revolutionizing Gas Stations Globally One of his most notable achievements is the creation of Standard Development Company, which has developed over 250 net-leased convenience stores across the United States

By Hardik Kundu

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Joseph Blake Smith

When we think of innovative and revolutionary entrepreneurs, names like Elon Musk come to mind. However, there's a new name on the block that has caught the attention of the industry and is being compared to Musk for his groundbreaking work. That name is Joseph Blake Smith, the CEO of SQRL Holdings.

Blake Smith has made it his life's mission to revolutionize the gas station and convenience store industries by taking old, run-down gas stations and turning them into thriving, successful businesses that care deeply about their employees and guests but Project SQRL locations are also the first of its kind offering 50 per cent clean energy with EV charging stations and 50 per cent gas station that are ran purely on solar power helping reduce carbon footprint. His goal is to one day reach the level of ingenuity achieved by Elon Musk.

But what has Smith done to deserve this comparison? Let's take a closer look at his career highlights. With over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, Smith has managed companies in both the real estate and energy sectors, including SQRL Black, Rock Solid Opportunities, TriNet Realty, Standard Media, Z Banq, and Standard Processing.

One of his most notable achievements is the creation of Standard Development Company, which has developed over 250 net-leased convenience stores across the United States. Smith has also started other successful businesses, such as Rock Capital Group, which focuses on oil and gas investments and commercial real estate development, and Standard Energy, which is a leading oil and gas mineral brokerage firm.

Despite his numerous achievements, Smith has faced significant challenges throughout his life. Losing his mother to suicide when he was only 20 years old and losing his father eight months later to cirrhosis of the liver were devastating experiences. However, he picked himself up and used those hardships as preparation for future struggles.

But Smith persevered in spite of these obstacles. He believes that failure is an inevitable part of life, and it's essential to learn from it and use that knowledge to move forward. His wisdom and resilience are lessons that everyone can learn from and apply to their own lives.

As for his future aspirations, Blake Smith plans to take Project SQRL, his revolutionary gas station and convenience store concept, to space. His goal is to have SQRL stations in every city in every state and to be a household name, revolutionizing the convenience store industry through laser-precision tactical service models. His focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly building materials can be seen in his projects, and he plans to use solar panels to power his locations and provide excess energy to the community.

Blake Smith is one of the most inspiring and innovative entrepreneurs of our time, and his work has earned him comparisons to Elon Musk. His resilience and wisdom are lessons that everyone can learn from, and his vision for the future of the gas station and convenience store industries is one that we should all get behind. To follow along with Smith's journey, be sure to check out his personal Instagram.

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