Realizing the twinkling spark of entrepreneurship Male Chauvinism fades out as female entrepreneurs start to rule

By Jyoti Valecha

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In the modern era, female entrepreneurs have utilized the platforms which lead them towards pathway to their success. However, there is no denying to the fact that they have had to slog real hard to create a space for themselves, in what is perceived to be a male dominated domain! Basically, women are not considered competent as compared to men, but despite of challenging lifestyle and tough situations, most of the women are now shining out in their life as successful entrepreneurs.

According to the statistics over 10 years' period from 2000-2010, the number of women entrepreneurs has doubled to crores. It is being observed that women generally find their comfort in hospitality and apparel sectors, when it comes to being self-employed. In this gender biased society, 90 percent of female entrepreneurs rely on personal funding

Even though VCs claim not to discriminate on the grounds of gender, but, many female entrepreneurs have witnessed the discrimination. Facing all these challenges and handicaps, women have still charted the list of top entrepreneurs.

Taking a cue from such successful stories, here are the top 5 winning strategies, which most of the leading women entrepreneurs follow:

Gender barriers are no more a hindrance

The gender barrier is no more a hindrance for these ladies and most of them have broken all the misconceptions pertaining to their incompetence to deal with commerce and economy. There are several inspiring stories and eye-openers which have flipped the coin in their favor. Women entrepreneurs have currently proved the misogynists wrong by setting their pace in accordance to the business world.

Planning and execution together balance business

Over the period of time, women entrepreneurs have done their homework by following the age old philosophy. They have incorporated the success mantra of planning and execution of their tasks in a pragmatic way. This has indeed helped them in attaining their corporate goals within their pre-defined timeframe. For instance, if these entrepreneurs have to meet their targets in a given month, they would make sure that their strategic actions are clearly well defined at the initial stage only. As a matter of fact, women have geared up to the top level and achieved success in their respective domains. These lady entrepreneurs have fought all the odds and criticisms without losing their focus on successful career.

Dwelling along lanes chauvinist criticism

Many women realize their competence at a very young age. However, they are not able to come across the right platform to fulfill their dreams. The worsening challenge in their life is male chauvinist opinions which discourage them. However, in recent years, the new age women who wants to have their own individualistic identity, have made sure that they leave the trail of discrepancies behind them and walk along the path of success. There are few exceptional cases of women getting total support of their family members and friends.

Aditi Balbir, founder of V resorts says "I am not a feminist – I feel women need not be categorized as a gender that should have access to money, power and fame based on merely gender. Having said that, I would also point to the fact that men face discrimination in certain areas too, which is often not talked about. The first step to overcoming any sort of bias is not to behave like a victim, be realistic and empower oneself. We have to start moving away from stereotypes. I think the way forward is to have a collaborative thought ideology, and compliment each other's strengths. There are certain things men and women or people are good at, and there are some they are not. Women are great at taking the wheel, but what about changing the flat tyres? Of course, we can change the tyre, but honestly, we would rather not do that, for that we need a man!"

Writing the success story gloriously

Most of the female entrepreneurs have a story of challenges which helped them in realizing their caliber. In a nutshell, irrespective of their stream, these lady entrepreneurs have overcome all the bad experiences or challenges of their life. The major handicap which almost every woman faces is chauvinist criticism, which can often demoralize her while stepping ahead on the path of entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurship does not discriminate

Entrepreneurship does not discriminate on the grounds of gender. In fact, it is meant for all! It is just the societal misconception which preconceives women to be uncompetitive. Even though, the women get demoralized by these filthy pessimistic thoughts of society, they shine out as entrepreneurs in a phenomenal way.

Jothsna Rege, founder of Paaduks believes, "I don't think gender bias is a big issue in entrepreneurship as it is in corporate world. In industries related to fashion or women dominated industries, there isn't much bias and it is easier to connect to customers, but I guess you would face bias much more when you start looking for funding or if I was in a tech dominated industry."

Better vision to be expected

Indian history has been a testimony to the line drawn between the two genders. This barrier between male and female continues to crop even today. The ironical part is that there is a lot to improve in the business vertical even though the society has witnessed success greatly.

Jyoti Valecha

Feature Writer

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