Tenets Taught By A Father, Entrepreneurship Established By A Child A few lessons that have been passed down to me which are bound to help fellow entrepreneurs step the ladder ahead

By Pooja Kedia

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Every father is special and has often shared his experiences and learning with their children. So is the special bond that I share with my father who instilled in me the value of being a good person and now inspiring me each day to be a better entrepreneur. Here are a few lessons that have been passed down to me which are bound to help fellow entrepreneurs step the ladder ahead.

  • Businesses ALWAYS require your presence: Thinking of building a fortune without giving all your attention? It doesn't happen that way! A business runs better and fruits better results only if you make it a part of your life. Multi-tasking is a brilliant trait, however prioritizing too is a great attribute that should top your list.
  • Befriend A Zuckerberg Or Two: It is wise to surround yourself with people smarter, faster or better than you. Nothing works better than inspiring yourself with either associating or simply tracking traits of the most inspiring business people. Be it for Twitter or any form of social media nowadays, your association doesn't always need to be physical, it can be a virtual effort as well. You often learn from their mistakes, their journey which in return helps you focus or motivate you more.
  • Be Financially Literate Even If Not A Wizard: Give time to these from the very beginning - basic accounting, cash-flow management and raising capital are fundamentals of growing business. Financial training might not be the skill that you inherited, but that should not tie you down. If not mastered from childhood, it won't kill you to begin today. Having a person to deal with finances is a good thing to have but, being aware of how it works will take you a long way.
  • Road To Success, Fail Now: Failing now will cost you much lesser than failing down the lane. It's essential you pin a mistake and rectify it rather than procrastinating a decision which might have the same outcome later but, will cost you the value of lost time. Failing and rectifying your mistakes in time will cost much lesser than failing entirely later.
  • Find the Salesperson in You: One of the best advice, finding that Salesperson in you is something you shall always need. Be it with early customers, with potential investors and many more you come across on your entrepreneurial journey. It is essential to hone a skill that can be used towards making vital business connections or simply business development.
  • Family Person-An Hour A Day: Irrespective of being a man or woman, giving an hour of family time is something that is achievable and ideally should be a part of your top priorities while you are in the mist of building a business as well. 100% focus on your venture does not need to mean no time for family. An hour a day with family especially your kids does not take your focus away from work, but it helps you refocus. Family time helps you unwind, de-stress and also motivates you with newer ideas and a fresher outlook.

The most treasured lessons in life may have been heard often but very rare to be implemented. This Father's Day make an exception and hold these values and a dozen of other advice your father has shared with you. These pearls of wisdom if adopted consciously will soon become a part of a more successful you.

Pooja Kedia

Founder, SchoolWiser

Pooja Kedia has almost two decades of experience in Strategic business enhancement in Media & Telecom companies with an extensive international exposure. She has worked with Bharti Airtel, Tesco Plc and British Sky Broadcasting in the past and founded SchoolWiser in the year 2014. 

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