The Young Lady Behind This Exclusive Real Estate Group Is Making Big Moves Her Journey so far: A dive into one of the youngest female brokers, founder/CEO of a top real estate brokerage

By Shishir Jajoo

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Eva Garzón

Eva Garzón, founder of The Grand Lion Real Estate Group, is one of those that owes her success to the luxurious Miami market. While it can be hard to stand out in a competitive market such as Miami, Eva has established herself as a leading player in the industry and her life is a lesson of determination and commitment.

Eva Garzón first came to America after graduating from ICADE University in Madrid, Spain. Her high marks earned her an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Miami for a paid internship. Initially, her plan was simple. Get experience and start her career back home. But life had different plans. "I was working for about $2,000/month with a paid internship and planned to take my experience back to Spain, but then I stumbled across real estate." Before coming to America, Eva was not aware of the opportunities that real estate presented. "In Spain, it's not a very well-known industry. It's not as popular or known as in America." However, while hanging out with friends, she saw first-hand the power of real estate. "I would watch friends close a deal on the beach that made them $30,000. I made $2,000/month." A lesson on its own: choose your friends wisely. Curious, she started enquiring about the industry and quickly found herself working at a very boutique firm in the heart of Miami.

After two years of working for this firm, Eva knew it was time to make the next move. "I was grateful for the opportunity, but something was missing, and I wanted something different. After watching how different companies work and what they brought to the table, I decided to build my own table. At twenty-three years old, Eva took a huge step in her career. She started her own real estate brokerage. While this may seem hard, she says the transition was actually pretty easy. I always had a vision of how I wanted my company to be and how it was going to be step by step to grow the company. While people are coming back and forth with their business plan, I was pretty firm from the beginning. I don't know if it was luck as well on a certain side or the whole hard work but everything was moving forward on."

With a large majority of clients following the young twenty-three year old to her new firm, she started off with a very strong client base. In charge of her own firm, Eva is still fully committed to providing quality service to her clients and to her agents as well. "Everyone is like a family. Our clients are family and our agents are family. We don't fight each other over clients - everyone looks to provide the best service that they can in the best possible way." This model extends to a very fun, inviting company atmosphere that is coupled with strong compensation and benefit plans.

Eva's approach certainly has paid off. At the young age of thirty-one, her company is only seven years old and is the leading real estate brokerage in Miami and she shows no signs of stopping. When asked what her next moves were, she stated that she is still looking to grow the company. "We would like another location in Miami and I would love to open a branch in my home of Madrid [Spain]." While some may view her as lucky or extremely talented, she attributes her success to her commitment. "If you really want to do what I did, believe in yourself. I am 24/7 at work. I love what I am doing. That is the secret for success."

"Even though I created this company, you can see that every time I speak regarding TGL, I say ours (the team is a major part of our success)."

Eva's firm currently employs over fifty agents and manages over $1 billion of real estate assets ranging from residential, commercial, and short-term rental properties. While she is fully committed to building her company, she does enjoy time with family with friends, staying active, and traveling often.

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