They Came, They Saw, They Conquered: 4 Women Who Chose unconventional Fields & Excelled The advent of technology and increase in internet penetration has opened up a plethora of opportunities for women in this country.

By Samiksha Jain

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Over the past few years the status of women in India has been subject to many great changes. The promotion of equal rights of women in India has been very powerful.

Moreover, the advent of technology and increase in internet penetration has opened up a plethora of opportunities for women in this country.

More and more women are taking the plunge to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Balancing career and entrepreneurial aspirations with home, safety and social accountability with business mobility, women have been witness to the unfolding of a vast canvas to express themselves.

Entrepreneur India has penned down few shepreneurs who have chosen unconventional fields to pursue their passion and dream.

1. Revolutionizing education sector through technology

With mushrooming startups in the education technology segment, survival becomes very difficult. But backed with strong headed visionary, CEO and Founder Aditi Avasthi of Embibe is revolutionizing the education segment through technology.

Aditi Avasthi, more popularly known as "Chief Embiber', believes that the biggest challenge in mass education today is the tendency to underperform or drop out because students are often unable to realise their true potential.

"Students pay $1200 per year on average to crack entrance exams in India like the IIT JEE. Despite this investment of time and money, only 5 per cent of the 1.4 million applicants this year scored greater than 30 per cent in the exam. Embibe was built to help students to get a deep dive personalised analysis for score improvement," said Aditi Avasthi - CEO and Founder,

2. Tapping $300 billion B2B e-commerce market

Swati Gupta is one of the founding members of, the B2B e-commerce platform which is owned and operated by Delhi-based MTech Engineering Private limited.

She has been associated with the organization ever since its inception and has contributed immensely in structuring, concretizing and initializing its underlying concept. With over 12 years of experience in Management Consulting, Supply Chain Management and Private Equity Operational Advisory Business, Swati has held myriad leadership positions across geographies.

"India is a fantastic country to establish a startup at this point - with a 7.8 per cent GDP growth rate, a rapidly emerging economy, a vast aspiration middle class, the sheer number of business opportunities and ideas that can become successful is immense - across virtually any sector all an entrepreneur has to do is to look at what has worked in other emerging / developed economies and has not yet been done in India, and voila, you have a successful startup idea, said

3. Being your own boss

Exuberant, dynamic, youthful and versatile; a mix of all these virtues is what Ankita Jain is made of. Ankita, co-founder of GoPaisa put in her efforts into marketing front for GoPaisa and turned the fortunes of the company. Leveraging her knowledge in marketing she has been successful in coming out with splendid strategies and plans, which worked in GoPaisa's favour massively.

In the early days, Ankita started from scratch, she made a social media page for GoPaisa which was followed by a simultaneous effort of building tie-ups for offline activation of the web page. Once the ground task was over, she started the whole marketing process with researching and strategizing. Being just 25 years old her perspective and views are fresh and breaks the traditional norms of media.

"Being an entrepreneur is what I always wanted for myself. I never wanted someone to order me. My achievements and my failures at GoPaisa teach me a new lesson everyday and give me satisfaction of building something of my own. It gives me the freedom to do what I believe is right. Running my own business helps me enjoy economic independence, creative freedom and at the same time maintain a balance between my personal and professional lives," said Ankita Jain, Director and Marketing Head,

4. Helping parents and kids to make smarter decisions

Originating from Silicon Valley, Shabnam Aggarwal moved to India 7 years ago to pursue her passion to build technology products that help kids all over India. She has most recently demonstrated strong technical and leadership skills while spearheading the groundbreaking one-stop-shop: Kleverkid.

The idea of the portal is to help parents and kids make smarter decisions by finding the right avenue to engage them in academics, extracurricular activities, workshops, hobby classes and events.

"My mother is a self made entrepreneur. Having grown up in rural Punjab, my mom moved to the US to get married, get her masters degree, and become a successful business owner. Growing up I'd watch her tirelessly build her business while holding a full time job and raising 2 children. When I graduated college, I looked at the options around me and decided I had a choice to make: A. Do something that made me a lot of money and allowed me lead a comfortable life or B. Do something that changed people's lives. Option B always seemed to make more sense for me, as I knew that's what my mom would do," said Shabnam Aggarwal, CEO and CTO of KleverKid.

Samiksha Jain

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