This Founder Created an Empire By Leveraging the Art of Selling At the Age of 20 Reza Abbaszadeh is founder and CEO of Abbaszadeh Enterprises and BaxBeauty app

By Manish Singh

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Reza Abbaszadeh

You should not blame anyone but yourself if you have become disenchanted with the working world. It is a very harsh disillusionment to grow up and realize that you have wasted most of your precious time watching movies or partying.

Reza Abbaszadeh is one of those renowned entrepreneurs who shows the world that is possible to become a prosperous business owner even at very young age. He rose from scratch to become one of the most remarkable entrepreneurs, investors and business strategists globally.

Given the statistics, there are estimated to be 46.8 million millionaires or high-net-worth individuals in the world as of December 2020. But the question is how they all make it?

Reza Abbaszadeh is the founder and CEO of Abbaszadeh Enterprises headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. His primary mission is to help companies and individuals grow their financial status by customizing their investments to be more effective. He also owns and operates BaxBeauty app, which is the world's number one social media service for fashion and beauty industry.

How does Reza Abbaszadeh leverage his talents to become successful?

Reza Abbaszadeh has the magic touch when it comes to selling. He exclusively advises nine investment banking companies in the world on merger and acquisition transactions and rising capital. Reza believes that everything in life is a kind of selling and to sell you should understand the psychology of the buyer. So, he wrote two best-selling books as Dominating the Buyer and Den Käufer beherrschen.

Abbaszadeh was a first-year dental student in University of Vienna that he realized his passion is somewhere else. He dropped out of university and moved to Berlin to get out of his comfort zone. Reza start his first career in a car dealership company as a salesman. Reza impressed the manager once he asked for a list of people who did not buy from them.

Reza Abbaszadeh believed selling hard buyers is easier because they are logical rather than emotional so thus, to sell logical buyers you need to show them logical data and to do so, you need third-party substantiation.

Reza did not want to work for someone so he separated his way and started his real estate mastermind. Based on his wealth creation formula, He believes in order to achieve financial freedom, you need to have several sources of income.

So, Reza Abbaszadeh's success story is all about multiple income streams made up of earned income from his 4 companies around the world, profit income from his real estate investments, interest income from his passive sources, dividend income from his investments in stock market, rental income from renting his properties in London, Vancouver and Dubai, capital income from his crypto assets and loyalty income from his international brands.

Manish Singh

CEO of ZZED Media

Manish Singh is Pioneer of Digital Entrepreneurship in India and CEO of ZZED Media. Working as Full time brand strategist, personal Branding expert , investor and Business developer. At age 18 Manish Singh started his first Company as ZZED Media and now running 4 Ventures as ZZED Group Of Companies making a huge impact in Digital Space and promoting Digital India.

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