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Why "Officepreneurship" is Important for Driving Entrepreneurship? With officepreneurship, you potentially get back stories of inspiration from your employees

By Rahul R

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Smartness in entrepreneurship could also be internally done, now this refers to predicaments wherein you exhibit your entrepreneurial traits to a selected internal group whilst showcasing your business entrepreneurship models to the outside world. Here, the key is smartness and if you are an entrepreneur with an office of your own and leading a team, then it would do you no harm to turn into an officepreneur even before you showcase your offerings to your external audience.

Officepreneurship leads to wholesome external entrepreneurship

If you are a leader of teams at your office, then you should know that there is no compromise when it comes to ensuring that your work environment is healthy not only to you but also to your employees as well. Now, we are not talking about traditional workplace wellness here, but effectively customizing your office (irrespective of size) such that the moment people walk in they are inspired positively.

"Now we have millennials who live first and if possible work," stated BK Kulkarni – Life and Business coach, during a recent panel discussion on Happy Workplaces in Bengaluru. Kulkarni was a panellist at the HyWe conclave which is a movement aimed at assisting people having problems at the workplace such as mental harassments, depression, and suicidal tendencies.

Kulkarni's statements add substance to the fact that the new-gen workforce (even entrepreneurs) would potentially visualize living a dignified work life at the office and seek motivation to work. Here is where your officepreneurship skills could come handy.

You could start by first choosing the appropriate colour of paint/distemper that should go up on the walls; once this is done, you could pepper your common areas with motivational quotes and sayings that should automatically lift employees up from depression.

"Companies must understand why people are with you, what they want and then align collective aspirations to business goals," opined Leza Parker - a Singapore-based entrepreneur and CEO at SC Beauty Network Pte Ltd, and an angel investor with over 20 investments.

Even your organizational skills go a long way as far as getting the right positive feel at the office is concerned. Once things are organized internally, you could naturally expect your people to deliver optimally across areas and not merely complete work tasks. To accomplish this, you would need to set precedents.

"Self-leadership = self observation + self management," stated Sangeetha Chacko who is Head of Corporate Communications at Percept Media, during the panel discussion.

Hence, officepreneurship is all about you discovering your true entrepreneurial trait which is to positively influence others and drive them towards excellence.

Stop using hired intelligence

"There is a need for creating micro-behaviour by looking at a set of habits," added Anish Philip – AVP, People Function, at Mindtree.

Here, the key is to analyse people even before they are recruited, determine their wants with respect to office environment and accordingly match these with your standards. If you think that you have a match, proceed with customizing your office space by taking into account inputs from all your employees so that the office is healthy.

Also, it should not hurt you to use your own intelligence for the above, rather than trusting the instincts of an interior office designer. At the end of the day it is about your business to be driven by your team, not by clients.

Rahul R

Former Staff

Rahul R is a media professional with over 6 years of experience. Prior to Entrepreneur India, Rahul was a Senior Technical Journalist at EFY digital magazine. 
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