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Revolutionizing Global Finance: Pioneering The Future Through Digital Innovation From the earliest days of the Medici bank in the 14th century, the financial sector has been dominated by large, established institutions with deep pockets.

By Shlok Sharma

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Aleo Christopher

From the earliest days of the Medici bank in the 14th century, the financial sector has been dominated by large, established institutions with deep pockets. The banking landscape, characterized by high entry costs and strict regulations, is notoriously resistant to change. However, every Renaissance requires a Visionary, and in today's financial industry, this figure emerges in the form of Aleo Christopher, the pioneering CEO of iSwiss.

Headquartered in Switzerland with branches in Italy, Canada, Sweden, Great Britain, and Dubai, iSwiss is defined by Christopher's ambitious vision to reinvent the financial landscape, particularly in the realm of credit and securitization.

The Genesis of a Vision

Aleo Christopher stems from a lineage of innovators. His lineage of dreamers and doers fantastically aligns with his strategic vision for iSwiss. He aims to shatter the established paradigm where financial markets are solely accessible to entities capable of enduring exorbitant listing costs. In Christopher's vision, debt listing is no longer a reserve of the privileged but an equal opportunity for all.

"There's a fundamental problem in the way we view credit," he argues. "For more than 700 years, nothing has changed in the financial system. The capital market has been reserved only for those who could afford enormous costs of debt listing."

Christopher is not dallied by the enormity of the task at hand. He's laboring incessantly to establish an autonomous ecosystem providing cost-effective listing services. Thus, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will have an alternative to traditional bank credit, leading to a much-needed competitiveness among banks.

The Power of Securitization in Christopher's Masterplan

At the heart of Christopher's strategy is the elaborate use of securitization. It's selected for its flexibility and adaptability, providing a mechanism for monetizing a wide variety of future cash flows, from contracts to real estate income. This approach allows SMEs to take full advantage of their real financial capacity.

"We've chosen securitization as our tool for its flexibility and adaptability to any jurisdiction," Christopher says. "It is indeed flexible, as it allows for the monetization of any future cash flow. It is adaptable, compared to traditional bonds, as many SMEs, due to regulations in their jurisdictions, cannot issue debt securities."

As efficient as securitization is, the mechanism has, for ages, remained inaccessible to medium and small-scale credits. To solve this challenge, iSwiss introduced pool sharing. This approach consolidates assets from multiple originators into a single vehicle, significantly reducing administrative and legal overheads.

"With pool sharing securitization, a single vehicle gathers multiple originators, allowing for a significant reduction in costs." adds Christopher. This expedited process is expected to attract scores of SMEs that were previously restrained due to cost implications.

Setting New Standards

iSwiss has already made waves in the financial industry by successfully utilizing its innovative approach to issue the first tranche of Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) based on Italian superbonus 110 tax credits, valued at almost €300 million.

Christopher proudly shares details of the ABS issuance: "It offers an annual interest rate of 3.5% and has a maturity date set for October 2033. A remarkable feature is its Single Note, emphasizing the uniformity and quality of the underlying assets."

However, he assures that's just the beginning. "We plan to issue ABS totaling €14 billion by the end of 2024. Therefore, the first tranche of 300 million is just the initial step towards this audacious goal."

Given the success thus far, his ambition to revolutionize credit and securitization systems seems more feasible than ever.

Impact Beyond Boundaries

Christopher's vision not only addresses established markets but also aims to fundamentally transform financial inclusion in underbanked regions. Through its subsidiary, iSwiss Pay Canada, iSwiss can connect to the global SWIFT system for payment services.

Their goal is to facilitate anyone's access to fintech services in underbanked markets like Africa and Asia: "We aim to become one of the world's most important payment providers," Christopher declares, highlighting their mission to globalize financial accessibility.

Proudly innovating beyond tradition, iSwiss is also launching its White Label, which allows anyone to open their fintech promptly and economically. This move is expected to significantly ease financial access, especially for startups in underbanked regions.

"We particularly envision helping startups in underbanked markets to launch their local startups and assist local merchants in processing payments globally, at a fraction of what local banks charge."

The Future of Finance

Aleo Christopher and iSwiss are shifting the paradigm, championing a new Renaissance in the financial world. Their efforts have been recognized; Christopher appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine and was a guest at the Venice Film Festival, an event sponsored by iSwiss.

While the road to transformation is long and winding, it is visionaries like Christopher who illuminate the path. His view of democratizing finance promises a future where large institutions no longer dominate the discourse, paving way for SMEs and underbanked regions to partake actively in the world's financial conversation.

Through iSwiss, Christopher's trailblazing vision is on course to trigger seismic shifts in the industry. From the implementation of securitization to extending financial services to underrepresented markets, his deep-seated aspiration is reshaping the world of finance, challenging old norms, and creating a legacy that could remain for centuries.

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