Social Investments Platform Flow Club Raises Pre-Seed Funding From Antler India

The startup aims to grow into the social-first personal finance operating system for the younger generation

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Kerala-based social investment app Flow Club on Tuesday informed to have raised pre-seed funding from Antler India.

Flow Club

Flow Club is a social investment platform that enables people to invest and build financial freedom alongside their friends. With Flow Club, users learn, discover, and share investment ideas in closed friend groups or communities, building their portfolio in a social-first experience that makes financial management more accessible and engaging.

"In the last year alone, 14 million new Demat accounts were opened in India, up from 5 million the year before. With access to ever-growing investment products and information, everyone - even people with lower disposable income - will start investing. However, investing is still a complex and confusing process, with a steep learning curve. With Flow Club, we want to revolutionize the way people discover investment ideas, meet their investment goals, and build wealth, harnessing the power of a reliable community," said Gopikrishnan, co-founder, Flow Club.

Finance and investing is being openly talked about, debated, and discussed, far from the inaccessible subject it once was. Investing has become fundamentally social, with close friends and online communities serving as centers of investing conversation, advice, and sharing. Whether it's learning how to budget, saving for an emergency fund, investing to grow wealth, or planning to pay down education loans - community and peer group support has been shown to have positive effects.

"Personal finance is not personal anymore. A strong community can be a great way to sharpen your financial skills, help you get better at saving, spending, and investing money. While there are several financial consultants to whom investment decisions can be outsourced, the younger generation is leaning towards technology, self-serve and community-driven models - to both simplify their investment experience and have more control over it. Flow Club is doing exactly this, and changing the game around the entire user experience of investing," added Rajiv Srivatsa, partner, Antler India.

Flow Club is providing an integrated social experience for all things finance: from content to shared portfolios, from chat to thematic ideas and gamification. Starting with investing, Flow Club aims to grow into the social-first personal finance operating system for the younger generation.