How Quality Management System Works In A Franchise Industry

4 Pillars of Quality in Franchising

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Maintaining franchise brand quality is one of the important things to get right with your franchise marketing. The quality and consistency helps you to attract new franchisee and customers, retaining control over your promotional materials, brand's image, and theme. Prospective franchisors carry a fear that franchisees won't sustain the quality standards established.

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The quality in your franchise system should be the key, as it differentiates great franchise brands from those who fail. Therefore, franchising done right can result in increased quality. When entrepreneurs fear the loss of quality, what they really fear is the loss of control as a franchisor. Quality is about the consistency of the operation.

Franchisee selection

One of the difficult things is to select the right candidates. For maintaining the quality, take your time and be selective while considering the franchise prospects. A qualified franchise prospect can do a great job for your brand.

Right tools

Franchise tools incorporate information which is essential to the initial and ongoing operations. These tools play an important role in a franchise system, acting as a cost control tool, and providing a training guide to the franchisees. The best tools in place can ensure success for your brand.

Providing support to the franchisee

Franchisors need to visit their franchisees frequently, carrying a good quality control checklist. They need to communicate with their franchisee, talking about the business and quality, and what step needs to be taken in order to increase sales and business.

Strong legal documents

Ideally, a franchisor should not rely on its legal documents for assuring quality control. But if the franchisee is unable to live up to your expectations, strong legal documents allow you to enforce the standards of operations as written in the Franchise agreement.

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.