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How Lab Grown Meat Industry is Beneficial for Franchise Investment Curating Success Artificially

By Franchise India Staff

This story originally appeared on Franchise India

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Synthetic meat is basically the meat curated in laboratories. Cultured meat is made using many of the similar tissue engineering techniques traditionally used in regenerative medicines. Scientists and industrialists claim the artificial meat to be more healthy and environment-friendly in comparison to natural meat. They believe in years to come, artificial meat can be seen in almost every supermarket and restaurants.

Recently, an Israeli start-up SuperMeat has announced a $3 million seed round to bring its lab-grown products to market. The company's "clean meat" is created by growing cells that have been extracted from chickens, bypassing the costly and environmentally taxing process of breeding, feeding, and slaughtering animals.

SuperMeat said that it expects its "clean chicken" products to go to market within three years, at a price "similar to the conventional chicken products currently available on store shelves," according to a company statement.

Here's why franchisors need to invest in this sector:

Creation of a new industry

It is believed that if the lab-grown meat industry takes off, a whole new creation of an industry will occur, offering ample job opportunities. Franchisors could invest in this sector, leading to a booming business in the near future. Thereby, signifying a beginning of a new era in the production of cultured foods, which could bring multi-benefits.

Support increasing demand of meat globally

With a rapidly growing population, the demandfor meat will gradually increase worldwide. According to a report, demand for meat is expected to increase by 56%, offering numerous opportunities to franchisors. They could play a vital role in satisfying this demand, increasing the worth of their business. With the industry to expand soon, it can be a perfect time for investors to capture the industry.

Increase of factory framing

If lab-grown meat works as a replacement for natural meat, many new factories would be set up, meeting the requirement of the people. Minimizing small-scale poultry farming, franchisors could be seen creating a whole new industry, and offering employment opportunities. With timely investment, franchisors could become the major player in the industry, seeking the best position for their business.

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.

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