3 Reasons Why Investing In Yourself Is the Best Investment You'll Ever Make Motivational speaker Michael Timothy Johnson and network marketing expert Ricky Villanueva explain how self-development is the key to seeing all the opportunities you're letting slip by and overcoming the obstacles standing in your way

By Mohit Mirchandani

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Many of the decisions that people make today are mainly guided by a need to make money. However, more and more people are now beginning to see value in investing in personal growth. Investing in yourself means readying yourself to take on any new venture, tackle any obstacle and identify opportunities where there seems to be none.

Michael Timothy Johnson left behind his steady and secure bank job to become a motivational speaker, while Ricky Villanueva has always been a networking and sales expert even when he held jobs. Their life experiences taught them the value of investing in self-growth.

These experts share why investing in yourself is imperative!

Professional growth and personal mastery

"My career as a banker helped me understand the value of investing and growing money. It helped me massively when I quit to carve my own path," says Johnson. According to Johnson, self-development helps you excel in your career as well as fosters personal mastery. "As a motivational speaker and consultant, I help people learn the value of being the best versions of themselves to attain phenomenal success in life."

Villanueva began his self-development journey as he was running his sales business. "Putting in the time to work on me has helped me understand what I love even more and also teach people what I know." He shares that he faced many setbacks over the course of his career; however, since he began focusing on building himself up, he was able to identify areas in his strategies that he might have overlooked. "I have learned that all the skills I have picked up over time are not time-bound; at no point will I lose them or will they cease to be useful in whatever field I pursue."

Building a large network

"If I have understood one thing from reading books and listening to powerful audiobooks, it is that the more you learn, you become more confident and have more to offer," says Ricky, "Today, I can comfortably hold conversations over a variety of subjects which makes it easier to network and grow your business." In essence, network marketing largely relies on building and maintaining relationships. Investing time in your growth, personally and professionally, helps you fit into more circles.

On the other hand, being a consultant and motivational speaker has helped Johnson connect and learn more about the people he has helped. "It is about learning from each other; investing in yourself is incredibly important, and you also need to learn to share this knowledge with others so you can learn from them as well," Johnson says that the time he's spent honing his skills has helped him become better equipped for his entrepreneurial ventures.

Financial freedom

Ultimately, money is an important part of life that can't be ignored. "The best part about investing in yourself is that it doesn't take away from your ability to get multiple streams of income running," explains Johnson, "if anything, it opens your eyes to all the ways you can grow your money without becoming a slave to debt." He continues to say, "As a motivational speaker, I can live on my own terms, and it has given me the freedom to do what I love."

"When I learned I could sell a product and earn a profit, build a team that did the same, and I would collect a small override, I went crazy," says Villanueva. "Having the freedom to take time off while money is still rolling in is the dream; in reality, many people do not get to enjoy financial or time freedom." When personal mastery and professional expertise become your strongest virtues, they open you up to exploring many avenues of income that you would otherwise not consider when tied to a life of debt and 9-5.

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Mohit Mirchandani is the CMO of Facilius Inc, one of the largest digital and content marketing companies in Michigan. He has a plethora of experience in the field of PR and personal branding. Mohit has helped revolutionize the way entrepreneurs and influencers view their approach to PR.

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