4 Hospitality Trends Entrepreneurs Need To Follow

Know About Hospitality Trends Every Budding Entrepreneur Needs To Follow

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J. Williard Marriot said it best: "If customers are treated right they'll come back."

Food & hospitality is a serious business. Numbers of new technologies have come into play both for customer usage as well as for the business usage. For instance, customers can select their food directly from the interesting electronic menu through their mobile devices. But what kind of things should hospitality entrepreneurs keep in mind to improve customer satisfaction.

We caught up with Anurag Katriar, CEO and Director, DegustiBus Hospitality during the Franchise India Show 2016, to know about hospitality trends every budding entrepreneur needs to follow.

Free Wi-Fi an absolute must: Wi-Fi access to travellers should be free in the hospitality industry. It has become a necessity and it also act as a major factor for travellers in deciding which hotel to book.

Free bottled water: If you can serve free water then it will be a great service. It is still not clear as to why we cannot serve bottled water for free.

Have lesser but more skilled people: This industry is suffering from manpower crunch. You need to start working with lesser hard working people as they work overseas. We have too many people working at a restaurant which is creating a crunch. Rather than having 30 people have 15 highly paid one and let them manage the show. It is to address one of the biggest problems otherwise this industry will not support any growth.

Focus more on the food: Give F & B the kind of importance it deserves. Look at Australia, Australia tourism actually played with restaurant Australia as the theme to bring a twist. A chef is the brand ambassador for Spain. When Americans wonder to look at tourism as one of the big things, out of five things they selected the third thing on the list was food. Food is a very integral part. We talk about Taj Mahal but food can be a great attraction for people to come in and showcase themselves in the true spirits. Don't ape the west we have enough in our entity.

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