7 Productive Things You Should be Doing on the Internet to Earn More Than You Imagine

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Your neighbour is making more money than you can, yet you endure day and night, earning just enough to sustain yourself and your loved ones. Worse, if you are stuck in a job that makes you follow your boss, who literally doesn't know anything at all, or if you are without a job in the first place, sitting idle and doing nothing won't take you far. Instead, doing these 7 things can probably earn you more money than you could have ever imagined. And that too at a few clicks of your laptop!


The internet is an infrastructure far better than any other, yet we fail to leverage sufficiently the true potential of it", says Mark Anastasi, in his book "The Laptop Millionaire'. It's true that we use internet for a variety of activities, including social media and finding knowledgeable stuff, but there is scope for much more. Follow these 12 ways to make yourself richer than ever-

1. Youtube

Tech savvy entrepreneurs today realize the potential of YouTube and are working hard to increase their presence on this platform. YouTube can help you get free traffic to your websites offering you an opportunity to earn money online. Further, uploading useful videos on YouTube can help you get more views, thereby getting you more revenue from advertisements. It's a powerful way to communicate with people and exchange ideas, so as to get them to work with you.

2. Facebook

With more than a billion users, Facebook is the undisputed king of the social media. Facebook ads are cost effective and helps entrepreneurs connect with customers. You can get a lot of exposure through such social media marketing, at a very affordable cost. You can also create a fan page to garner more support for your venture.

3. Search Engine Optimisation

If you do not realize the potential to make money using SEO, know this- Every word typed into the search engine that you use (Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo!etc) is a million-dollar market that can be targeted and dominated. There is huge scope to make money here. Use SEO techniques to list your venture above any other, getting more viewers and hence, more money.

4. Twitter

When you sign in to your Twitter profile page, you can witness the current tweets from the persons you have followed. One can follow his friends, people in industry, or experts in a particular area. Naturally, the higher the

number of twitter followers, the greater traffic you receive for your website. You can promote your business to your generous followers or even sell your tweets to advertisers, if you have a requisite following.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr.com can be broadly categorized into an online marketplace which brings together people who are willing to do a job in 5 dollars each, commonly referred as gigs You can use them to market your product online and generate greater need for your products. Also, you can utilize the work done by gigs and sell them at a higher price too.

6. Webinars

Instead of using conventional ways of marketing. You can use webinars to sell the products and services, which will help you earn twice as before, with less than half the cost of traditional advertising done offline! Imagine hundreds of individuals watching your webinars. If even 10% of the viewers go ahead to purchase the product, your job is accomplished. It's so much better than traditional advertising, that too at a very little cost.

7. Membership sites

Being an immense distribution vehicle that internet is, you can use online membership sites which are simply websites with paid content to the users. Such sites benefit both the owner and the customers. The user will receive access to paid, high value and latest data regularly for an affordable fee. The main advantage for the customers to subscribe to your site is that you would be aggregating highly original research to your customers on a daily basis. The fact that information is knowledge in modern times is sufficient motivation for people to subscribe to your website.As far as the owner is concerned, you'll be getting paid for your research and would have a regular flow of income. Even if it meant for a part time basis.

Sometimes, it is more easy to create money than you could ever imagine. So don't sit idle, be smarter in your work!