8 Essentials To Create A Successful Email Newsletter

It's always a wise decision to refresh our writing skills by reading writing tips and tricks.

By Michael


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Whether you are a beginner or an ace writer, it's always a wise decision to refresh our writing skills by reading writing tips and tricks. In this blog, we will share top eight essentials for a successful email newsletter along with its implication.

1. Creative, yet creative Subject Lines

Most of the email recipients do a quick scan by just reading your subject line. So, if at all you wish to increase open rates and CTRs, then stimulate email receiver with eye-catchy and unique subject lines. This will entice your email receiver to open your email message. Make sure that you keep subject line not more than five words with crisp and catchy words.

2. Segment Your Audience

Do your homework about existing customer and prospects in order to segment email list accordingly. The success of your email campaigns is highly depends how on how well you have understood your customer and their buying behaviour.

Before you curate any email campaign make sure that you are rightly aware about whom you are writing this email to, their background, why did they subscribe, and what would be their expectation from this email. This will help you to send out customized and personalised email message with your recipients' personality, interest, and expectation.

3. Continuous Conversation

Email marketing is more than just sending a promotional or self-promoting mails. It's all about conversing with your existing customers and prospects. By sending them email messages frequently will keep them engaged and thus helps you to develop a strong customer relationship.

Make sure you don not keep long gap of one or two months as it these time lapse may tend users to forget why they subscribed or they might even mark you as spam or unsubscribe you for the same.

4. Informative Content

For a successful email marketing you must think beyond just sending a few occasional sales or promotional emails. Make sure your email campaigns are not full of self-promotion. Keep your readers interested by including informative or entertaining or problem solving content in your email message. If your email content is focused on your customers interest then they are more likely to share the same on social media too. Make sure your email message has not more than 10% of promotional content and rest of the 90 % must contain latest news, events, or address their pain points.

5. Design & Layout

Irrespective to whatever email marketing services you use, make sure that you create a template design meeting your business and marketing requirements. Whichever email marketing service you choose, set up template designs for the types of emails you send. Popular email marketing services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and others allow you create and save your template designs. For sending an email newsletter on a regular basis, make sure that the template includes your company logo, colors, and font style in order to give professional look.

6. Social Media Integration

By including social media icons of your networks in your email message, you allow your audience to connect with you in more than one way. You can place your social media buttons, links to your website, email address and other contacts either at the bottom or on your right section of your email message.

7. Send Mobile-Friendly Emails

On an average, more than 75 per cent of email recipient's check their emails on their mobile and less than 12 per cent of emails has a responsive template designed specifically for mobile devices. Make it easy for your email readers to interact with you via their smartphone by ensuring your emails are mobile friendly.

8. Eye-Catchy CTA Button

The main objective of sending an email to your customers is to stimulate them to take desired action like follow you, share your content, register for free trial, or participate in contest. So before ending your email make sure it contain an eye-catch CTA which compels your email receiver to take action.


Marketing Manager, Ampliz

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.  He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.

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