Why You Hate Work

You Just need to understand what you are really interested in and work accordingly


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You feel miserable in your office all the time. There is no excitement for the work you're made to do. You don't feel appreciated. And, you have to drag yourself to the office every morning. In a nutshell, the way you're working is not working. Surprisingly, this experience is not common only to people who are still trying to pull off their careers but also to top executives.

Even though it is not uncommon to get such feelings in decades of a professional journey, the analysis of reasons leading to such feelings is really important. Being a Career Coach at My Study Destination (India's No. 1 Education Blog), it is my job to help students and young professionals deal with the sense that their lives are increasingly overwhelming. I believe working on a simple principle of guiding people to listen to the true calling of their hearts. It has helped me build a highly successful career from almost nowhere and has even helped several others who have acted on this principle.

What do Psychiatrists say ?

Dr. Priyanka Kalra, a Psychiatrist and Director at Global Child Wellness Center, gets to deal with a number of burnout cases. According to her, one major cause of burnout at work or even in studies is people being made to pursue what they are not passionate about. They are made to redo things that don't interest them over and again. Burnout at work can lead to a number of issues like adjustment problems, anxiety and depression.

Exploring your interest helps:

Some might argue that it is not a practical thing to give up everything in the name of finding passion in life. It takes years to build a career and reach a level where you find yourself in a position that makes it possible for you to afford a desired standard of living. Thus, a rational choice would be to give you enough time before calling it a quit. An ideal situation would be to explore areas of your interest part-time while you are still pursuing your current job role. This will help you gain clarity, understand what would be the sources of your revenue in future and if you're on the right path at least this time.

Taking steps mindfully:

Founder of The Marketing Crusade, Ishaan Shakunt was pursuing engineering where he learned how to code but quickly realized that he did not want to pursue this as a career. He soon discovered his passion - Marketing and Growth Hacking. Some of his most innovative ideas required some technical knowledge for which he didn't have the resources to outsource/hire someone. So he also took up the technical responsibilities of his team. Gradually he discovered that it helped him use strategies which a few other marketers use. Thus, it's about taking one step at a time and not rushing through life whenever things don't seem to be moving in a right direction or when you feel you're being constantly pulled somewhere. Even though work, these days, is a depleting, dispiriting experience for a majority of employees; you can still make it work for you, but only if you're willing to.

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