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Four Vital Baby Steps to Starting & Building a Brand Building a brand is like a never-ending process and therefore, it is vital that you keep putting efforts consistently

By Ritu Ajbani

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Fashion is an intriguing domain and unlike any other, it is highly dynamic and ever-changing. In an industry like that, creating a brand is a mammoth task but by adopting some simple points and strategies, it is absolutely doable. As a matter of fact, fashion has always been a domain that is fueled by brands, isn't it? Remember, the bride next door passionately looking out for a Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Ritu Kumar or that young girl checking out Instagram to figure whether to wear a Archana Kochhar or Papa Don't Preach for the next party.

Yes, that is the potential of a brand and it is rightly so because a brand is not just the product but goes beyond that to represent an embodiment of all that the company, its people and all its stakeholders stand for.

Here is a synopsis of small baby steps (quite literally) that one should follow and keep working on, to ensure that we create a wonderful brand:

  • Define the Brand for Yourself to Create a Great First Impression - It is essential that you first define the brand for yourself before you even get to the aesthetics of the same. As an idea generator and an entrepreneur driven to create a brand, it is imperative that you clearly lay down the vitals of the brand (write it down in paper so that it is embedded in your thought). Elements like what you wish for the brand to communicate to people, the relationship between the brand and the business among other things, should be given utmost attention

  • Be Proactive & Be Authentic – A brand is your biggest business asset and often, entrepreneurs outsource the job of creating a brand to a third party. To be honest, it is the last thing one should do. A brand is like your home within which you nurture and grow your vision and engineer your mission. Therefore, you should know that there is no choice but to be proactive and shape the brand with your thoughts and vision.

  • Tell a Story Yes, this is the most crucial aspect of brand building. As humans, we are always attracted to stories and not just a logo, tagline or a FB page. So, spend time on building a beautiful story that becomes the script for your brand. It is not necessary that the story be about how the brand came into being, but the essence of this point is that there should be a flow and a story associated with the brand because that is what stays back in the mind of your consumer.

  • Going Beyond Just Sales Well, it is indeed an interesting point. The simple inference here is that a good brand building exercise entails going beyond selling the product to the end user. Consistent communication with the consumer in form of after-sales services, redressal of any grievances, feedback collection and implementation etc. certainly abet the creation of a sustainable brand.

Please note that building a brand is like a never-ending process and therefore, it is vital that you keep putting efforts consistently. Cheers!

Ritu Ajbani

Co-founder, Petit Royal

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