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Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs in the Hospitality Sector Combating the problem, one has to break in schemes and strategies to lure the clientele back to the origin

By Rakesh Kumar

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The hospitality industry is a plethora of diverse fields bound together by the intent to provide topnotch services to their clients. The sector witnesses its ascent as talents waltz in the industry of hospitality. However, no industry is resistant to challenges irrespective of all factors, and neither are the entrepreneurs making a debut in the field; Amateur entrepreneurs stepping into the Hospitality Sector face various kinds of obstacles which are to be conquered to succeed in the industry.

Enlisted below are some major challenges faced by entrepreneurs:

  • Getting Through the Maze of Red Tape: Initial difficulties in the sector include getting valid licenses for the multiple horizons, which involves license in the food business, which is required for any restaurant in India to run. The others include license ensuring the health of people consuming your food, tax registration, and license for liquor etc. They would cause constraints for an amateur in the field of hospitality. All these licenses being quite a few to be acquired, turn out to be challenging for an amateur entrepreneur. Considering the rapport and the new-in-business image, one also needs to find the right resources and acquaintances as professionalism is not something exhibited by any and everybody. One needs to find and associate with the right kind of people when stepping in a new territory, especially for licenses and validations.
  • Facing the Facets of Food: Food variants and eminence seems to be one of the vital factors in luring clients to the business. Considering the vast range of variety and fine-quality food being served in the most hospitable maneuver, the competition now remains between who serves quality along with portion size and presentation. Being an amateur entrepreneur in hospitality or an amateur hotelier, you might not skip on either of these, losing out on clientele. One of the ways to embrace and spread the love through your profession is not to let your customers lose out on any of the prospects.

  • Food Aggregators Taking a Toll: With the growth in technology and the eventual rise of the F&B industry, food aggregators have been one of the game changers in the market. Various food applications are floating amongst people to satisfy their cravings and food temptations, simultaneously giving a fierce competition to hospitality entrepreneurs and hoteliers. The hospitality industry faces a significant challenge in beating ordering food at the comfort of people's home versus their F&B venture and profitable profession. Combating the problem, one has to break in schemes and strategies to lure the clientele back to the origin.

Considering some of the restaurants and hotels still gain through their lineage and legacy, it isn't entirely impossible to manage the issue; however, it might be quite a task to overcome the same, especially for amateur entrepreneurs.

Amateur entrepreneurs often get entangled in the chaos of their industry, losing the vision of obstructions and further their solutions. However, maintaining the intensity of focus and concentrating on every aspect of attracting clients and serving as per what they anticipate can make a massive difference in the profits of the business. As rightly said by someone, "If it doesn't challenge you, it will not change you."

Challenges are your opportunity to graciously evolve and ascend into a better future and flourishing profession. All you need is a spirit to conquer, and you'll be invincible, making your way through rocky terrains and nailing your business.

Rakesh Kumar

Chairman of India Expo centre & Mart

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