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How Applications Have Eased the Service of Taxi Booking The way it has been till now, the future of app cabbies looks very promising and profitable.

By Rahul Mishra

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Need to do laundry or get food or visit salon, but how to find the best wih good options? Well we can say that there must be an app for that. The proliferation of app based technologies has helped people get their chores done much faster than before.

The earlier driven yellow taxis are seeing their doom as now people want more efficacy and exquisiteness and now are turning towards app based cabs. The only factor favoring yellow taxis is their lower prices as compared to those of app based. Yet there are numerous people who are not habitual of using internet in different ways, and these kinds of people looks the only source for the yellow taxis. But the digitalization going around the country gives an optimistic view for app cabbies. The future of Indian taxi and auto services looks slightly towards the app cabbies as "going online" is the mantra of country from last 3 years and it has seen quite a surge in the development.

No longer need to search for taxis, no longer need to bargain for auto fares with the drivers, app based cabs now initiated their fares after considering the customer's capacity and demands.

The way it has been till now, the future of app cabbies looks very promising and profitable. Despite their higher fare, people are looking for rather more comfort and they willingly pay the more fare.

  • App cabbies are going with as many technical assets as possible. They want to be quick and use of internet make them to do so.
  • Using in built GPRS makes driver confident even going through unknown places. With this kind of support, app cabbies can spread to the remote areas.
  • Number of aggregators are increasing after observing the growth of Ola and Uber, this will increase the competition to a high level. Customers and drivers would be waiting for such situation as result of such competition always factors the involved workers and customers.
  • With the youth generation going online, this app system would be highly appreciated and will be in demand. Use of modern technology will play an important role in deciding the leader of the market.
  • The environment getting polluted day by day is a major concern for every city. You may visit any of the metro city, it is obvious to find the level of air pollutants above tolerance limit. Then, it will be mandatory to check the amount of pollution by these services. The companies which will be providing services with eco-friendly concept will have higher reach in the market.
  • After this much competition, the cabs with more skilled drivers will be preferable. More facilities like wi-fi, route history, etc. will be the factor responsible for more customers.
Other than these deciding factors, there are numerous reasons and facts which proves the dominance of app cabbies over the market. The driver gets the ready passenger, the customer gets to reach the final spot at once without altering the taxis. App cabbies are just

making the travel more comfortable, convenient and enjoyful for the riders. Within the upcoming decade, with digitalization spreading across the country, the app cabbies are looking the only option for the travel services. The people are getting familiar to the online system and everyone want to be updated with the latest assets and services. Especially our youth generation is always willing to accept any change which can make them live a more comfortable and online dependent life. And this app based cabs are just reflection of people's demand in next generation. In future when app cabbies will have wider coverage and accessibility then covering the remote areas would become easy.

Rahul Mishra

CEO, U-Ryd Transport Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Rahul Mishra is the CEO of U-Ryd Transport Solutions Pvt. Ltd. U-RYD is a mobile application and website providing lakhs of people an approach to a simple and a quickest way to get cab facilities anywhere and anytime. 

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