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How Can You Reach Your Potential As An Emerging Entrepreneur Here are some must-tips for any emerging entrepreneurs to follow.

By Alfred Beiley

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When anyone utters the word "Entrepreneur", what struck to mind? Mostly, a relaxing picture of someone clad in pajamas sitting at home with a cup of tea conveniently in front of a laptop. But there's a lot more- risks and rewards to doing that. If you are given an opportunity, and you've been thinking to leave your job, it's important to sit down and take a look at the pros and cons first.


People say, "He didn't reach his goal because he never reached his potential." No one stops moving toward their goals. Then what is the real obstacle? The only thing everyone forget is that everything has its saturation point and until that point is achieved you should try harder and harder. There is always a margin of improvement. A famous quote goes by,

"If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place. If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it." – Nora Roberts


Do you want to live a better routine? Do you work freelance? Do you have a business idea in mind? Are you confident about your skills? Things are different in reality. Seeking clients, finding hard to communicate with people, tackle order mixes up, completing tasks on time and finally trying not to blow out are regular problems of entrepreneurs. Is this life of any entrepreneur?

Most people have no idea about its importance and are frightened of above factors. Yes, those are real-time issues but it can be easily handled if planned properly. Reaching your potential as an emerging startup person is crucial as it affects your income, and work flow. Actually, it's like living in a paradise: you don't have think about job timing, no worries of the traffic jam, you don't have to think about boss getting angry on you, etc.

Moving on. Here are some must-tips for any emerging entrepreneurs to follow:

Staying Mo-In

Motivated and Inspired. Inspiration is a must for everyone, but entrepreneurs need it more than ever as they face many challenges, and it's essential to solve these problems. Motivation comes from inside and there's no need to sit and wait for others to support you. It's all about finding an inspiration from things you love.

Eye it. Try it

Do you see market fluctuating and have something steady instead? Give it an eye. If you really think that the idea whirl-pooling in your head is unique and it doesn't need anybody else then you should try it. Because most things are not so difficult as they might seem to be. One of the checklist to know entrepreneur's potency is this way.

Thinking "I will keep all the Profits'

Well, one of the all-different aspects of it is that unlike business, you get to have all the profits and no sharing. Isn't that a better motive to stay on the hard-track of independency? You work hard, you toil for hours, you are awake late night, you wake up early morning and then you say "It's okay. I am going to keep all the profits.

Learn, Learn, Repeat

Once you have embarked into a competitive market, you'd better obtain knowledge and improve skills daily. With webinars, reading best practices, tutorials and many other ways it's easy to learn something new sitting at home. Just surf the Internet! Obviously, the more you practice, the better your skills are. Becoming a proficient worker, you can collaborate with other people as they can give you an insight and teach some tricks. You can show your worth to your clients and provide what they actually need if you make enough experience in your niche.

Bull's Eye

Every person has some career goals in the head, but there are only few who set these goals correctly. The entrepreneurs start working on achieving these goals since they know that they prone to achieve greater heights. They should follow FOCUS as "Follow One Course Until Successful'.

Complex over Simple

If you take more complex tasks, you develop, expand and hone skills while doing them. Simple is what everybody does so why not to stand among the "Very Few' category. Complexity will not only strengthen the skills but also nourishes the already built creation. It's like "If you know how to run, you know how to walk'. Learn the Complex part and Simple will be Simpler.

Improve and Improve Portfolio

Clients see your portfolio first and then assign the project, right? That's it. Every time you complete a new task, add it to your portfolio with a short description. Let your clients see the latest work and your progress. By increasing your portfolio as a value addition, you are implying that you are fostering your own skills as an entrepreneur.

Positive if you're willing to take the risk and want professional freedom, but instability and the risk of failure are the negative part. No doubt about the number of entrepreneurs increasing rapidly and so the market is becoming more competitive.

Therefore, it means that it will be harder to maintain clients. Also, you won't know when you will get your next work and so inconsistent income source. Most entrepreneurs don't stick to a schedule, so it takes much time to do tasks. Though there are many ways to increase productivity while working from home, you might see many distractions, and it's you who should learn how to avoid them.

(Co-author- Pratik Kanada, Entrepreneur, and CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft)

Alfred Beiley

Mobile App Developer and Blogger

Bibliophilic, Story-Teller and Startup Enthusiast, Alfred Beiley is a mobile app developer in 360 Degree Technosoft, a leading mobile app development company offering application development services for iPhone, ipad, android, windows based smartphones.
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