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The Future of Digital Media Everything can be accomplished very easily without having to run from pillar to post or standing in queues

By Reva Malhotra

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Digital media was envisaged as the future just a decade ago but now it has become an essential and pivotal part of our existence in this capitalistic world. The sci-fi of the 1990s is a reality and in this piece, we will try to chalk out its trajectory in the coming years.

In India, with the popularity and affordability of mobile phones and cheap mobile data services, a multitude of people use the gadget for more reasons than just calling. This has also made social and digital media widely accessible to all. Once the radio was known as the most efficient and most successful medium of disseminating information but currently, it has been usurped by digital media.

It's Work With Potential

On a lighter note, The Buggles song – Video Killed the Radio Star, released in 1980 had predicted these overturning events as the video is the next big thing and advertisers are using educational, short videos to indirectly as well as subtly promote their product. So, it is not just the TV show Simpsons which has co-incidentally predicted many calamities in its episodes.

From filing E-ITR (income tax return) to paying mobile, gas or any other bills online, to buying groceries with doorstep delivery, to ordering gadgets and books at the click of a button, to accessing a wide range of documents, books and audio books online, to finding the perfect matrimonial match, to meeting new people on various dating applications, to advertising for your products at zero or negligent cost, to PR activities as well as transmitting information quickly and to many at the same time while sitting in the comfort of your room, or even booking your next holiday package, to searching information for your research projects, to buying furniture or renting an apartment, everything can be accomplished very easily without having to run from pillar to post or standing in queues. Now, the question which arises in many minds is – if we have already accomplished all this in the domain of digital media then what are we even left with.

As Surprising as it May Sound, Yes, There is Still a Long Way to go

According to various researches, the statistics show that there is going to be 6per cent rise in jobs by 2020 in the digital media industry. There will be a change in the content distribution model. In layman terms, it will increasingly become a real-time information distributing platform. The trend of customer-generated content being in vogue is going to continue. Digital media has helped in making and evolving the career of many YouTube vloggers, Instagram influences and Facebook stars etc. Many such platforms have revolutionized the creative landscape globally.

Elimination of ad-based models is one of the primary feats that need to be achieved. In the future, programmatic advertising will be less prominent and will make way for native ads and sponsored content. This will ensure that content is the king and marketing companies will be more ethical rather than intrusive to the user experience. The digital media industry is also aiming towards devising an accountable advertising solution that is not infected by fraud and non-human traffic. AI is soon becoming an important part of the digital marketing industry. This will reduce the time taken to complete various tasks and will direct the ads to the target audience in the age of ad blockers.

In the coming years, digital media would be more personalized and relevant to the needs of both consumers and marketers.

Reva Malhotra

PR Professional

A PR Professional who thrives on digital media, making the most opportune PR mix for brands, creating a positive brand image.Reva is a strategic communications consultant to startups and budding entrepreneurs.

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