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Learn business by doing business across the Globe: The next revolution in Entrepreneurship As the startup ecosystem sees an influx of new entrepreneurs, the question arises: Is our current business education sufficiently equipping students for the entrepreneurial challenges they will face?

By Ramsy Swamy

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Learn business by doing business across the Globe: The next revolution in Entrepreneurship

As the startup ecosystem sees an influx of new entrepreneurs, the question arises: Is our current business education sufficiently equipping students for the entrepreneurial challenges they will face? Over the last decade, entrepreneurship has seen a staggering surge worldwide. Nearly 16 million new business applications have been filled since 2004, representing an astounding 85% increase in the average monthly flow compared to pre-2021 levels. This surge underscores a significant shift in the business landscape, prompting a critical reassessment of traditional business education methods.

To run a business, you need hands-on experience. So, the new pertinent question is, "Why shouldn't business be taught by building businesses?" This query sets the stage for a paradigm shift in entrepreneurship education. Learning business by doing business across the globe emerges as the next revolution. This would ensure and foster adaptability, resilience, and cultural competence – vital traits in today's interconnected global marketplace. Breaking away from the traditional curriculum, Tetr College of Business has launched a Bachelors Programme in Management and Technology emphasizing experiential learning. This program provides students with a global, practical learning experience where they apply classroom teachings to build their ventures.

Meet Tetr: A Paradigm Shift

Tetr fundamentally challenges the status quo by going beyond traditional lectures, slides, grades, exams and books. Tetr College of Business aims to revolutionize business education by offering a globally-focused program that emphasises on experiential learning. The students will be launching real ventures where success is measured not by exam grades or assignment assessments, but by the tangible results of their business acumen: real revenue generated and genuine customer satisfaction. Their innovative model is backed by a world-class academic council boasting names like Dr. Viney Sawhney (Professor, Harvard University), Mr. Faverie Stephane (Estee Lauder), Mr. Nitin Gaur (Professor, Stanford University), Dr, Edward Rogers (ex NASA), Mr. Manoj Kohli (ex-Softbank), and Dr. Syon Bhanot (Wharton).

Learning by Doing: A Global Classroom

Tetr focuses on building a foundation through experiential learning where students dive headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship, launching e-commerce store, developing innovative apps, and creating social impact projects that make a real difference. Tetr's four-year management and technology program takes students on a whirlwind tour of seven vibrant cities broadening students' horizons and preparing them to thrive in a globalised world. The focus on personal development equips students with essential skills beyond the boardroom.

The strategic selection of seven destinations at Tetr ensures a comprehensive and well-rounded business education. In Dubai, students build their own e-commerce business while experiencing captivating desert safaris. In New Delhi, they build a D2C brand and get a chance to immerse them in India's vibrant startup scene and witness the country's rich cultural heritage. Singapore offers a glimpse into the future of finance and technology, with visits to pioneering companies and cultural landmarks like the Asian Civilisations Museum. In Accra, students witness the emergence of African entrepreneurship and delve into the thriving cocoa industry. In the United States, students have the opportunity to engage with tech giants in Silicon Valley and experience the financial heartbeat of Wall Street in New York City. The journey continues to Rio de Janeiro, where students learn about sustainable business practices and immerse themselves in Brazil's vibrant culture, and to Milan, where they explore the realms of luxury fashion, design, and art. In order to enhance academic rigor, Tetr's program provides students the opportunity to study at four prestigious universities during the course.

Is this the Future of Business Education?

While the model is still in its early stages, Tetr's founders are confident about its scalability. Perhaps the most compelling evidence of Tetr's potential lies in the stories of its students; "Tetr offered me a chance to 'break free from the vacuum' of traditional education", as quoted by Erica, a Singaporean applicant. "I applied to Tetr because it is one of the few colleges worldwide that offers the opportunity to build my own business while gaining global exposure simultaneously," said Ryan, an applicant from Canada. Each industry is going through a revolution. Tetr College of Business is one step towards revolutionizing the education sector.
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