How Fusion of Cultures Could be a Great Money-Making Idea Stagecoach to Spread Indo-Western Flavors Across the Globe

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Franchise India, in an attempt to understand what opportunities Stagecoach saw in expanding its roots in India, figured out that there is a huge market for Indo-western art.

India is a country known for its diverse culture and art history, which has been its asset for thousands of years. The impressions are imprinted in books and carved in temples, caves, and are being carried forward through performing arts, theatres, plays, dance schools, music schools, and academies.

The Legacy

Stagecoach Performing Arts started its journey in 1988 and now has grown into a worldwide franchise, with some 700 schools serving 45,000 young people across nine countries.

The UK's largest stage-school franchise, Stagecoach has provided a launch pad for, among others, Emma Watson, Jamie Bell, Danny Mac, Tom Fletcher from McFly and the opera singer Carly Paoli.

What's in the Bag?

Andrew Walters, Director of International Business Development, Stagecoach Performing Arts, United Kingdom said, "As per our expectations we think that there is an opportunity for a 1000 outlets in India."

Richard Dawson, finance director, says, "The quality of our franchisees is everything. They must be steeped in the performing arts, love working with kids and cannot delegate those three hours unless they die."

Indo-Western Link

Other the rich traditional culture, India is also known for the Indian cinema, which produces varied movies, music, and dance forms. Many countries have shown their interest in Bollywood music and now Stagecoach is in a way helping in the national integration of art form across the border.

As per Walters, "We are in performing arts and the UK has the history of performing art and theatre. In terms of why the opportunity is strong in India, I think it's because of the shared love for performing arts. So what we do in the UK is based on Western Art, which comprises of Western singing, dancing and acting. And what we are looking to do in India is a bit of a mash-up of western arts and some of Bollywood. Basically, a fusion of Western and Indian music, art, dancing and acting."

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Nibedita Mohanta.

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