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Some Handy Tips To Keep In Mind When Hiring Some basic hacks to remember when hiring.

By Harshit Bahvsar

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Employees maketh the company.

No matter what kind of business you run, if you don't have the right people with you, the venture has very less chances of seeing good days. You might put in all your efforts but you know what they say, one bad fish can spoil the whole pond.

But getting the right person isn't easy either. It takes more than just a resume and an interview to know a person. If they pass the initial tests, that person has to suit the job profile, and though the candidate might not be the best in field, he/she should aspire to become the better. so how do you find the right employees. Here are some short and handy tips:

  • There are 3 type of people i have come across. Type 1 is people who are absolutely clear about what they want to do, type 2 is those who are not at all clear of what they want to do but ready to do whatever the company says and type 3 is absolutely not clear about what they should do but very clear about what they do not want to do. Avoid type 3. Prefer type 1 and type 2 can also be considered.

  • Avoid people where you find lot of resistance. Eventually they will create lot of issues when you join and try to change your entire system. Mostly they are type 3 people.

  • Look for people who can be promoted to the immediate next role within 1 year, else you will find them becoming bottle-neck in the system in near future. Sometimes the person is good for the role you are looking at but does not have potential to grow further. So, if you do not view the person growing then avoid in the beginning itself, since every person lost goes away with lot of cruel information and business intelligence for others to feed on.

  • Always look out for best talent when you don' need them because good talent cant be hired immediately.

  • Make sure that you HR department has understood the requirements thoroughly, especially in terms of cultural fit. Also make sure that your technical team has met and explained the same to consultants to whom these requirements are outsourced. It is found that there is a huge gap between expectations of a functional head and HR / Consulting firm.

  • For confidential positions or TOP positions prefer to deal directly with executive search companies. Nothing remains secret within the system. You will have to rely on outsiders for discretion as they do not have any vested interest within the your system. Keep in excellent terms with your top consultants since they can some times give you people who can run whole business. More you know them faster you can grow as your business can grow as much as top people you have.

  • Use lot of networking portals to find star performers. On job portals you mostly get desperate job seekers whose performance is effected due to some personal or institutional challenge and are looking for change. On networking portals you get to meet star performers whom you may end up convincing based on your merits.

  • Be very choosy when you hire to avoid removing even a single person. Never be harsh when you decide to remove a person. There is no training on this earth on how to fire a person.

  • Make sure you are most respectful to people when you are taking interview since you are representing not yourself but your organisation and same stands true even when you are deciding to remove a person. Remember that no separation is going to be sweet but avoid bitterness as far as possible. Keep a window open from your side for the person to come back if the circumstances / situations or the person changes in future.
Harshit Bahvsar

Managing Director, Universal Hunt Group

Harshit Bhavsar started his entrepreneurial journey at an early age with the inception of Universal Hunt brand in October 2007 to fulfill the larger vision of inclusive growth by entering into various fields which directly impacts the life and lifestyle of people.

Harshit  is  a techno-commercial person backed by Chemical Engineering and MBA in Finance Before starting the journey as an entrepreneur, he has spent his career as a professional from 2002 to 2008 in the fields of Wealth Management, Project Management, Fund Syndication and Mergers & Acquisition  He was associated with companies like Angel Broking, Meghraj and Adani Group

In Wealth Management domain, he has been responsible for setting up Equity as well as Commodity Broking business from scratch across regions in India along with services like Portfolio Management and Investment Advisory. As an Investment Banker, with his strong networking and business acumen, he has successfully carried out M&A (both buy side and sell side) and Fund Syndication deals. In the field of Project Management as a techno commercial person he has been responsible for techno-commercial-feasibility analysis for large infra projects before actual implementation of the projects.

Harshit started his entrepreneurial journey via Universal Hunt with primary focus on manpower solutions. Business, which started its operations in 2008 with a modest team, is now servicing clientele spread over 80 countries, across all sectors and industries by a strong team of over 300 consultants spread across multiple locations.

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