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Top 10 Advantages of Working with a Start-up Millennials enjoy working in an atmosphere which is more relaxed despite instilling the apparent sense of professionalism

By Rohit Dhingra

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A few years back, if you would have asked someone about their notion of an ideal job, they would probably opt for a high paying multinational company over a start-up. But with the changing lifestyle of the millennials and their desire for flexibility at the workplace has resulted in the majority of a workforce to turn towards the startups. Startups do not just offer a flexible and comprehensive work culture to their employees, but there are several other benefits that a startup employee obtains which a big corporate firm certainly does not offer.

Here are the top 10 advantages of working with a start-up:

Maximized Individual Growth Rate – Working in a startup enables you to find your place in the organization rather efficiently. You can decide what kind of work you will be able to take up and what you can pass on to others. This differentiation gives you a better chance to get acquainted with your professional instincts and build your innate qualities. Since a start-up turns into a substantial company over a period of time, you grow along with the company as compared to the organization that already has a lot of workforces and its growth has little or no effect on its employees.

Your Opinions Count – Since the number of personnel in a start-up is limited, your opinions are inculcated more actively in the decision-making process. Your creativity and ideas get a significant visibility, however, if there is an error in your decision making, you will have considerably higher accountability.

Fosters Hard Work Culture – Being at a start-up means you will have multiple tasks on your plate as compared to a more established organization and since there is more work that needs to be closed, time management becomes a necessity. Such intense work process is tiring at times, but when your work starts getting appreciated and your efforts get acknowledged, every effort pays off.

Ultra Dynamic – Working in start-ups gives you an opportunity to work closely with real-time innovators and such close working relationship builds an environment of trust and accountability helps you understand significant attributes of leadership and team coordination. You also get definitive opportunities to become better at workforce management which is crucial in the modern business scenario.

Enhanced Exposure – Maybe more important than any other benefit of working at a startup is that you get to do multiple tasks which develop awareness of what functioning goes behind the scenes. You get to work for different departments like operations, logistics, marketing, service, quality etc., and you have a far wider scope to choose from in order to decide your future career path. This also enables you to cope up with a different high-pressure environment which in turn builds perseverance.

Apparent Outcome– Probably one of the prominent reasons to work at a startup is that you can conveniently deduct the aftermath of the changes your decisions have brought to the organization and more importantly can scrutinize how much difference did those decisions made. Realizing that your decision-making capabilities have satisfying results provides immense satisfaction which makes office hours more fun.

Perceptible Recognition – If you're in a startup, which is growing at a steady pace and you've been putting a lot of efficient efforts, it is certain that you will get recognized by other people. This helps to be more prominence among your peers in the company who in turn get motivated by your potential and respect the amount of work you put in which again makes you more valuable to the firm.

Flexible Work Culture – Since you're just starting up, there is no hard and fast rule of getting things done and flexible environment in start-ups encourage you to bring the most out of capabilities. Moreover, you develop your own working strategy while working towards building your vision to approach things, which results in providing you with many more tools to work with for the projects in the future.

Instilling Responsibility – When your decisions have a certain prominence, and you have equal accountability, a corresponding amount of responsibility is organically associated with it. You have to ensure that you do your work as effectively and efficiently as possible as being a start-up employee you also have to comply with the limited resources that you have to learn to be frugal.

Casual yet Professional Atmosphere – Startups generally have a casual and relaxed work atmosphere as compared to an established company, however it shall not be mistaken with lack of professionalism. Millennials enjoy working in an atmosphere which is more relaxed despite instilling the apparent sense of professionalism. This lets your creative instincts soar higher and drives your individual professionalism to a more comprehensive end.

Rohit Dhingra

Co-Founder & CEO, TAGG

A young entrepreneur from Delhi, Rohit Dhingra is the Co-Founder and CEO of TAGG – a fast growing consumer electronics brand. His strong inclination towards technology and a zeal to make it big in life gave him the idea of starting his own company of technologically advanced electronic products. In 2016, Rohit along with his two partners- Amitesh Bhardwaj and Saurav Prakash, founded TAGG with a mere investment of 4 Lakh rupees and after that there was no looking back. Today, with his utmost hard-work, dedication and expertise, Rohit has been successful in making an impact in the Indian market. The brand is already pushing revenue upwards of Rs 12 crores and is all set to enter the US and Japan market by the end of this year.

A graduate in Computer Science from Manav Rachna International University, Rohit started his career as a digital marketing trainee with India Today Group. He later worked with Vinove Software & Services Private Ltd and AdGlobal 360 as a Marketing Executive. During one of his market research, he found out that there is no Indian electronics brand which is producing quality products at a reasonable price point. He also observed that none of the Indian brands in this category have built a strong connect with its consumers and lack good after sale services. This is when Rohit decided to grab this opportunity and filled the gap in the market by launching TAGG.

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