The 10 Commandments for a Lazy Entrepreneur Do you, like me need something to stiffen up your laziness muscles? If so, what are you waiting for?

By Vipul Mehta

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Entrepreneurship is, simply speaking, not a lazy proposition. It is for those who believe in what they do, who have the courage and the guts to say it out loud and most importantly who show up and do the hard work without fail.

But what do you do when laziness seeps in? A major ordeal I have to face with myself was that while I was in a job, there was an obvious reporting mechanism from the boss, but while doing my own thing, I am now on my own. Which means that I create my day's schedule and I follow it.

Because of minimal reporting structure, sticking to my own day's schedule at times becomes difficult to endure. It was then to ensure I stick to my daily schedule that I, with the help of this amazing book called "The War of Art' by "Steven Pressfield' (you should totally check it out), created a set of 10 Commandments for myself which I follow to my heart every single day to stay on top of my time:

1. Show up every day: All creation has ever been possible by showing up every day, day after day over and over again. Entrepreneurship is no different.

2. Show up no matter what: While on job, a lot of times we show up even if we're unhealthy, if something's not right in the family, or if there is some other commitment around. Then why not in your own business? All other matters can be resolved at their own time.

3. Stay on work all day: Just because there is no boss to poke you does not mean you can take an early leave for a window shopping escapade in the nearest shopping mall. When it comes to staying on work for your business, it's all or nothing.

4. Stay committed over the long haul: No business can be truly created in a year or two, just like no success in job or any other field is possible by switching fields every two years. To attain true mastery, one must commit oneself over the long haul.

5. Master the technique of your work: It is absolutely essential for an entrepreneur to master the technique of whatever she/he is doing. Without mastery of the creator in their respective area of business, there will always be loopholes which would affect the business in the long run.

6. Minimize distractions of the social world: This is a huge giant which eats up all the precious time we have in our lives preventing us from making any significant change in the world around (unless of course social world is our real business). This is to remind myself to consume social world, especially social media to the extent it is required, and no more.

7. Have stakes high and real: All progress is made when stakes are high. A quantum leap happens when the entire life is at stake.

8. Be ready to receive praise or blame in the real world: As an entrepreneur, whatever we do is either going to get us praise or blame. Be ready to receive both as the tide of time decides which to bring when for us to learn what.

9. Accept remuneration for labor: If it's a business you're running, it's a business you're running. Money is the fuel that keeps the engine going. Accept remuneration for all the work you have done and don't shy away from it.

10. Have a sense of humor about your business: All said and done, don't over-identify with your business. Take it lightly, don't die over it, joke about it, have a sense of humor and have fun.

I have hung these 10 commandments on my laptop wall and read them every morning before starting my day. Do you, like me need something to stiffen up your laziness muscles? If so, what are you waiting for?

Vipul Mehta

Strategy Manager, WeAreHolidays & Author of Agastya Maurya Blog

Mehta is a JP Morgan intern and has worked with Deloitte Consulting as Business Technology Analyst. Later in 2013, he Co-founded Sun Photonics, a start-up in Solar Renewable Energy space.

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