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This New Zealand-Owned Outsourcing Company Scaled From 2 To 60 Employees In Just 24 Months Here's How They Did It

By Hardik Kundu

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In the 1980s, IT offshoring and outsourcing gained momentum as numerous IT service providers emerged. This practice emerged as companies realized they could access talent from multiple locations, even beyond their own countries. They were no longer restricted by hiring employees in their immediate vicinity and had access to a wide range of services.

This approach became a well-established norm before the pandemic and has become more popular, with more and more people opting to work from anywhere. This upward trend is also likely to continue for years to come. The underlying rationale is straightforward: why pay $180K to develop software in the US when they can employ a developer in India for $50K? This is especially relevant given the shift to remote collaboration mode that recent circumstances have brought about.

The continuous growth of outsourcing or offshoring

Statistics reveal a lot about the continuous growth of outsourcing/offshoring, with global outsourcing expenditure predicted to reach $731 billion in 2023. 92% of G2000 companies outsource IT, and 37% of small businesses outsource some of their operations.

It's not surprising that offshore development teams such as Double Yolk have seen their employees increase dramatically. From just two employees, the company expanded its staff to 60 in just 24 months, undeniably an impressive growth for businesses established amidst the pandemic years.

Harnessing the power of offshore talent

The software industry is highly competitive and oversaturated, making it difficult for businesses to find skilled developers and maintain affordable operations.

Double Yolk excels in providing fast, cost-effective, and efficient access to highly skilled talent for companies. The team has built a global network of highly skilled and intelligent software developers who can help companies achieve their critical technical projects and objectives.

Double Yolk is a Resource-as-a-Service company that offers senior-level technical talent on a full-time basis to rapidly growing tech businesses seeking to establish and expand their product development teams. Their dedicated developers can collaborate effectively with a client's in-house experts, utilizing the same tools, methodologies, and mindset.

How did the Double Yolk team do it?

The Double Yolk team collaborates closely with a local network of 16 representatives in India and the Philippines, each with their own vast pool of resources. The talent representatives search the country for exceptional developers to add to the Yolker procurement process, undergoing a thorough onboarding procedure that includes vetting, testing, background checks, and a cultural interview. Double Yolk only considers developers who offer something extra, ensuring they partner their clients with the best Yolkers ideal for their businesses.

Managing remote talent locally

Double Yolk operates on the belief that the combination of local and global skills creates substantial value. For this reason, the company assigns a local talent scout, technical manager, and resource manager to all its projects.

The company places a high value on its people, striving to provide an enjoyable work environment that fosters engagement and productivity. Double Yolk understands that a positive workplace culture is essential to ensure employees are happy, motivated, and performing at their best.

More than ever, creating an environment that attracts the best talent is crucial. Double Yolk's commitment to ongoing development, learning, and providing benefits for Yolkers is well-known, ensuring developers that being a Yolker means having the support they need for an enjoyable working life. This is Double Yolk's focus – building a great reputation in the market and attracting talent in India through referrals, leading to a stronger Yolker community that benefits all parties involved.


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