Why Waste Downtime on a Business Trip?

To simply press the 'refresh' button of the brain and to overhaul your mind and body, all you need to do is unwind, contemplate, celebrate a deal or may be just engage in a physical activity

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You are travelling for a business trip and a lot of your time goes in meeting the clients, meeting the prospective ones, catching up with impending emails from office, reporting and the same routine continues each day. However, you might be wondering how to make the best use of downtime during the sojourn!

You do not really have to slog all 24 hours during the trip. Giving that best performance and "catching a big fish' is the agenda but one needs to sensibly plan the day. There are numerous possibilities of fruitful utilization of your downtime. Let us have a glimpse through the best options available:

1. Sit back and put your feet up

You have worked hard mentally and physically to get the deals right. You have been the best man in the company. Now all you need to do is just relax and unwind either by reposting or just diving into your favourite book which has been on your wish list for quite a time. You'll be lucky to give yourself some "me-time'. Make sure you give the technological devices in the room slump too, be it your phone, emails or laptop, etc. to be at peace within yourself.

"I badly needed a break from continuous working hours and after relaxing I was well rejuvenated for the next day's spadework", confesses. Vasudha Gupta, owner of Armofs clothing brand who was on a business trip in the recent past.

2. How about a rave-up?

It would be a great idea to catch up on a few drinks and visit the local pub and dine out after an exhausting day of uphill battle. You surely deserve a soiree after you have given your best and revamped your profile.

"On the last business trip, I accidentally bumped into my friend from school. It was such a delightful unexpected reunion and we had lots to catch up after 18 years", exclaims Ashish Gupta, owner at Reva Enterprises.

A warning that goes with partying is to remember not to cross limits and invite trouble for the next day's work.

3. Revamp yourself

Well, it's always better to be fully equipped rather than "play it by the ear'. So it is best suited to do your homework, research and prepare for the upcoming meeting. Leave no stone in influencing your clients.

You can also use your downtime to read all emails, be at par with what is happening back at office front, plan and delegate work to your juniors and keep updated with all that you need to keep your office duties meticulously managed.

"I always prefer to manage all ad-hoc tasks which are long impending and rev up on my business knowledge by reading the latest articles", says Ankur Gupta, owner at Shori Chemicals.

4. Exercise and be physically agile

The old adage "sound mind resides in a sound body' holds its relevance irrespective of your age or stature. The downtime can be best used by working out in the hotel gym or swimming at the pool. What more can one wish for than treading to the nearby greens and catching the glory of the morning sun!

Anything aiming at physical conditioning that suits the weather and the timings are the best way to rev up your health quotient. After travelling for long hours, you don't want to look haggard and worked out. Any physical endurance activity would certainly make you feel energetic and upbeat about your work.

Moreover, your physical agility and toning give you an added advantage in making an impression on clients.

"No matter whatever the travelling duration is or howsoever grilling the conferences be, I never miss out my fitness regime, even if it means working out at odd hours", says Pravin Daryani, founder of A & A Business Consulting.

5. Local sightseeing

Any trip would be incomplete without savouring the local delicacies, mingling with the local inhabitants of the place and visiting the local cultural hubs. Learning has no limits and the archaeology and history of any place can teach us lots about the place. You can plan a meeting in the centre of the city and thereafter, move on to explore the city.

"On a business trip to India, I managed to collect beautiful fabrics from Rajasthan which were an icing on the cake to be sold with my diamond baubles," rejoices. Poonam Tamber, a diamond merchant from Canada.

One, you can collect artifacts for your home and friends, even better you can plan the business trip with your family along. While you do your work, the family can go shopping or be at an amusement park. This would serve a dual purpose too.

Conclusion- A business trip brings along stress, agendas and missions to be fulfilled, which undoubtedly consumes a major chunk of your time and mind. To simply press the "refresh' button of the brain and to overhaul your mind and body, all you need to do is unwind, contemplate, celebrate a deal or maybe just engage in a physical activity. Hope you make the best use of your downtime!
Sania Gupta


Sania Gupta is also Founder and CEO, Digital Kangaroos, an author, entrepreneur, marketer and blogger. And as a career coach at My Study Destination, she has helped thousands of students realize their dreams.

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