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Top 5 Way To Merge Blogging With Email Marketing Make this effective concoction of email marketing and blogging easy and more result-driven.

By Katie Embry

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Blogging is the outcome of your research, understanding of a topic, your expressions based on your audiences' preferences. Email marketing is the platform that helps marketers promote their brand. Blogging is like the icing on the cake named 'email marketing', making both equally desirable and worth the read. So, if you create a marketing synergy with combined blogging and email marketing practices, you will get the expected marketing results. While blogs help you to get noticed across search engines, emails help you get connected with prospective clients on a personal level through relevant offers.

Email newsletters and blogs create an environment for marketers to touch base with audiences through different routes for the same motive that is the brand promotion. Your blogs can promote your email lists, and your emails can include links to relevant blogs. Since almost every working professional uses mobile devices nowadays, your blogs and emails should be readable in them. So, now that you are set to get ready for the techniques that can be used for integrating blogs and emails, let us take you through those:-

1) Make blog posts your cookies

The best way to get people to open and read your emails would be by integrating blog content with your emails. So, this way all the people in your email list get updated about new content through a single email. So, when you do plan to share your blogs to your email list, get these points right for successful execution of the task:
Email Marketing tools like MailChimp, AWeber, Feedblitz, etc. offer RSS campaign features that let you publish your blog posts along with your emails.

To encourage people to share reviews on the blogs, request them to write their comments for the same. A weekly, bi-weekly or monthly email newsletters with links to your relevant blog posts will only help to get you more open rates and click-through rates on your emails.

2) Create Content Planner

While posting blogs or sending emails at the same time, you can create the calendar and common theme captions so that both of them have the same theme and do not look way different. So, if your blog is about a software product, your email should also discuss the same. You can use a content marketing toolbox for setting the editorial calendar and publish orderly content.

3) Your guest blogs can be resourceful to their readers

If you write guest blogs and they are published, you can share the links to those in your emails, introducing your email subscribers to your guest blogs as well as other websites designed specifically to showcase quality blogs. This way blog readers can benefit from reading your blogs and be introduced to a wider world of relevant blog sites.

4) Free content update offers via emails increase viewers to your posts

If you have a dedicated "Free Updates" page for your website and you have created it so that people in your email list can sign up and get free updates on whitepapers, ebook, infographics, videos and blogs; then the link to the Free Updates landing page can be included in your email. This brings in huge organic traffic to your website and enhances brand awareness.

5) Make social media your guide

Social networking sites are becoming great marketing platforms gradually with analytics. The post "Boost" option in Facebook makes it a great advertising forum. The post sharing option in and retweeting option makes content marketing fun to execute. So, both your email newsletter and blogs can be shared in the same post with adequate links to make the ads more productive. Your blogs can have social media buttons too like Twitter and Facebook, while your emails can have tabs linking to the blogs. So, you brand reach would gradually travel from an email to your blogs and then to your social media profile page, making it grab wider audience attention.

Make this effective concoction of email marketing and blogging easy and more result-driven. So, before your roll out emails or write a blog, do your subscriber's response and needs assessment well and then you are good to go with your emails and blogs together to get your marketing targets to their goal point.

Katie Embry

Content writer, Email Data Group

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