Top 8 Features of Call Management to Robust the Business Having a call management system enhances the on-call experience of your customers as well as of other stakeholders

By Ankit Jain

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Business and communication are two different sides of a coin. Efficient communication is one of the key ingredients which bind both the business and their customers. Growth of any business is highly affected by the communication they do with their clients. It becomes imperative for a business to manage its communication efficiently.

A call management system helps you manage and optimize your business calls. Having a call management system enhances the on-call experience of your customers as well as of other stakeholders. It enhances the relationship between the two and acts as a catalyst in strengthening the growth of businesses.

There are various features of a call management system that helps a business to build up an ideal communication system for their customers. Here, some of the key features are explained in detail.

1. Call Recording: To control and improve the quality of calls made by agents, call recording is a must for any business. Call recording can easily be used to give feedback to individual agents on their calls, and the same time, best ones can be used to exemplify the expected way to interact with the clients. This will not only improve customer experience, but also contribute to employee motivation and development. Additionally, call recordings can also be used to re-verify the information by clients.

2. Call Tracking & Call Monitoring: Call tracking ensures that each individual agent is answering customers' calls properly and making timely follow ups. Also, it helps you to track ROI of each marketing campaign. With the help of this feature, customer history can also be checked. Call tracking and monitoring is prominently used by telecom and customer care sector.

3. IVR: Out of the many vital features of call management system, IVR is a crucial element to boost businesses. It helps businesses ensure availability round the clock which is a growth requisite, especially for a call centric business. Also, it greets the callers with a customized message. With the help of an IVR, calls are routed to user's mobile number, reducing the chance of the calls being missed after office hours.

4. Remarketing: It is of utmost importance to reach to potential customers as well as existing customers. Remarketing help businesses inform their customers about the various offers, new product features, etc. Remarketing also allows businesses to remarket their products to the lost clients through bulk SMS, facebook advertisements, etc.

5. Call Analytics: This feature allows businesses to have a complete data insight of all inbound and outbound calls. Call analytics allow you to know total number of business calls, peak hours, geographical information about your callers, etc. This helps businesses optimize their business calls efficiently.

6. Real-Time Updates-Notification: It is important to keep track of all the calls you've missed or the follow-ups to be made to the clients. A call management system gives intuitive reminders about the calls you've missed. Also, you can set up your personalized reminders to make timely follow-ups.

7. CRM integration: There are various CRM softwares that keep track of your customer data. Call management system allows you to integrate your existing CRM with the call management web panel. This lets you keep all your customer data along with the customer call history at one place.

8. Live Call Transfer: Customers are more content if their issues are addressed immediately. Live call transfer plays a significant role in efficient customer service and quick resolution of any other customer queries. Live call transfer enables one agent to transfer the call to another agent without disconnecting the call. This reduces waiting time for the customer and enhances customer experience.

Call management is incredibly useful for all kinds of businesses. Its features provide a holistic view of all the inbound and outbound business calls. Also, it helps business to analyze in-depth insight of caller demographics and behavior, which gives businesses an enormous edge over their competitors.

Ankit Jain

Founder & CEO, MyOperator

Ankit Jain is the Founder and CEO of MyOperator, a call management system for SMEs, SMBs & Enterprise sector which is built on cloud that helps businesses to manage their calls without any hardware or software installation. He currently, leads technology, product marketing and providing overall leadership in the company.

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