Turning Ashes into Diamond Memories Stones

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Have you ever heard the name Mary Frances Gretey mentioned in association with diamonds? You may not have come across her name but you most definitely have heard her legendary slogan. In 1947 Ms. Gretey, working in the male dominated world of ad copywriting, coined the slogan "Diamonds Are Forever" for De Beers consolidated Mines; the idea of associating diamonds and loved ones dates back to circa.1930's. Only a few short years later in the 1950's the technological beginnings of LONITÉ; the leader in the cutting edge, growth, and distribution of cremation diamonds emerged, scientists learned that it was possible to turn human ashes into diamonds.

Ashes to diamonds; diamonds like the memories they embody are forever.

It was this famous slogan with all its' sentiment, intrigue and romantic lore, still held to this day that solidified diamonds as sophisticated and sought after gem. Deemed priceless by millions for their unique colour, size, and cut they foster a prestige, elegance, pride of ownership; they captivate the imagination. So it should be of no surprise that cremation diamonds have added another very unique attribute to this already precious gem. Cremation diamonds are diamonds made from human ashes.

So when the Swiss company LONITÉ headquarters in Zurich Switzerland – the name originates from Longévité in Swiss French, translation: "enjoy a long life" – began turning human ashes into pure diamonds the natural association was brilliant. Cremation diamonds are a perfect way to solidify all of sentiment and wonderful memories from your dearly departed within the captivating and fortifying beauty of a diamond. And since the compressed carbon gems are spectacular to look at and give off a warm loving glow; it can be said that each diamond truly has its own individual personality.

Cremation diamonds shouldn't surprise you; the idea might take a little getting used to. But really the idea is anything but strange. Cremation is almost as old as fire and humanity itself. And human ashes have been hauled around in much stranger forms in our past. So back to the notion of turning human ashes into diamonds, that can either be displayed or adorned as a family heirloom, this makes perfect sense; the testament of everlasting love.

The technology to turn human ashes into synthetic diamonds has existed since the early 1950's.

The technology that turns human ashes into pure diamonds is fascinating albeit a masterful scientific feet; the theory is easier to comprehend. Diamonds are crystalized carbon and the human body is composed of 18% carbon. Natural diamonds are produced in an environment of extreme pressure and under very high temperatures deep within the earth's core. If your questions are more about quality and integrity of the stone produced from the process of taking human ashes and or hair and turning these sentimental remains into diamonds LONITÉ has this process down to a precise science. And the diamonds they produce are the real thing, certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI), as well as the renowned Swiss Gemological Institute (SSEF). LONITÉ makes its crystal clear; they are in the memorial business but their cremation diamonds aren't an afterthought.

LONITÉ's improved Standard Operating Procedures (SOP LNT OT95000) were introduced to provide their customer with the highest level of control and monitoring possible. Their internal documentation and management systems track each individual order creating the greatest possible reliability when growing diamonds from cremated remains.

And how is this all done? Well there are requirement amounts do upon submission: cremation ashes 8oz/200 g, cremated bones 10 oz/ 300 g, hair 0.4 oz/ 10 g. You will receive sealing tape and zip-lock bags as a part of our "ashes submissions kit" once your order has been confirmed. And don't worry if you are not keen on the idea of sending all of your loved ones remains there are way to compensate the process -- not the quality. Once confirmed and received your submission goes through 25 checks at 7 inspection points, talk about being thorough, your submissions are marked with a unique tracking ID and bar code upon arrival. At the very beginning of the process the ashes are respectfully cleaned with medical grade sterilized alcohol; the chemical composition of the purifying agents is accurate to 0.001g. Such high standards are vital to increase the memorial diamonds over all colour, purity, stability, and quality.

Now with this much precision, quality and the nature of the work you might think you'll be priced out of the market but that's not the case at all. Memorial diamonds are a magnificently affordable item. The cost of turning ashes into diamonds at LONITÉ starts at $1,600. And this cost is all-inclusive. The cost varies as you would imagine depending on the size and colour of the diamond but the cremation diamonds price covers all costs in the ashes to diamonds process, including shipment cost and delivery cost.

If you are interested to learn more about LONITÉ, their philosophy, process, and product range I suggest you visit their website.

Human ashes made into diamonds is a trend that is quickly gaining lots of acceptance globally with people from all different walks of life realizing the value of memorializing their loved one turning their ashes into diamonds Give it some thought the idea will grow on you.

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