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Want to Continue Your Career Post Retirement? Read On Retirement may sound like an exciting transition to some, there are those who are not particularly fond of the fact that the working phase of their life comes to an end just because they have aged

By Saumyajit Roy

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"Miles to go before I sleep…."

This line can be true for any phase of life but truest for the retirees who suddenly find time on their hands and a flicker of hope to reengineer their productive tendencies.

And of course, retirement may sound like an exciting transition to some, there are those who are not particularly fond of the fact that the working phase of their life comes to an end just because they have aged in the natural scheme of things. Their zeal and attitude keep the potential in them alive, and inspires them to have an extended career post retirement. And truly, it's not fair to retire if your heart is as young as spring and your mind as clear as day. It's not time to call it quits when you are still able and willing to serve the world through your experience, ideas, and skills, all of which have been honed over years of work and learning.

Of late, more and more retirees are keen to continue their careers and keep themselves productively occupied rather than spend the rest of their lives, relaxing at home or finding way to kill their boredom. The reasons, however, vary from person to person. In some cases, it is their everlasting passion for their professions and a quest for intellectual stimulation that motivates retirees to find post-retirement jobs. Whereas for others, it is a tool to fight boredom, inactivity, social alienation and dependency on children. Some even claim to find the idea of becoming bedridden haunting, and prefer a lifestyle that involves physical and mental activity. Nevertheless, the concept proves to be quite rewarding and may even affect greater longevity. So, whatever your reason for opting for an extended career be, if you want to continue working post retirement, no need to think twice. It is only wise to use your potential and expertise to make the world a better place as long as your heart wills.

For the retirees who are willing to ditch the armchair and get ready for another innings of their careers, there is a multitude of career options which give them the opportunity to utilize their potential to extend their services post-retirement. Decades of experience filling their minds with oceans of knowledge and broad skillsets they have developed over their careers make them perfect for a diverse range of jobs. Whether one wants to have a postretirement career in the domain they have been part of during their careers or opts to pick a new sphere they find exciting, there is no dearth of work opportunities. Thanks to the numerous agencies and communities across the globe that are working on the idea of providing retirees with ideal career options. In a country struggling with a serious case of unemployment among the youth, it is, indeed, challenging to create employment for the elderly.

Here are some trendy job choices popular among people aged over 60:

* Tutor: Giving home tuitions is a great career option which is pursued by many retired teachers.

* Blogger: If one has a deep understanding of an industry or subject and is willing to work from the comfort of their home, blogging works excellently for senior citizens.

* Consultant: Retirees boast the possession of specialized experience which makes them perfect to function as consultants in various domains.

* Witer/subject matter expert: For those with good writing skills, communicating their subject-specific knowledge and expertise through written words is a viable option to make money post retirement.

* Coach/referee: If one has dedicated most of the life to a sport, they may find some good opportunities to serve as a coach or referee.

* Entrepreneur: With a vast experience and understanding of the market, a retiree may transform a good business idea into a successful business.

The old-age dependency ratio, which was reported to be 10.9% in 1961, had reached 14.2% in 2011. The Census of 2011 also revealed that 66% of elderly rural men and 28% of elderly rural women were working. Whereas only 46% of elderly urban men and about 11% of elderly urban women were working. Besides, according to a survey conducted in 2016 on 15,000 people aged above 60, 65% of the respondents claimed they were either financially dependent on others or were struggling through a financial crisis. Such demographics also indicate the need to have viable employment programs for the elderly.

From keeping one connected with the outer world through professional connections to creating resources for them to meet their ends without depending on others, there are numerous ways in which one may draw benefits from a post-retirement career. What's more, exploring new dimensions and pursuing new interests is always motivating.

There are a few reasons that, in many cases, make a post-retirement career a necessity. Some of them are mentioned below:

* The sharp increase in the nuclear family culture.

* The willingness to keep themselves mentally and physically active.

* The desire to lead a life with social connections.

* The inability to bear medical costs from their financial savings and retirement benefit.

* To avoid financial dependency on their children or grandchildren.

Summing up, having a post-retirement career is a great means to feed your mind, soul, and bank account even after you have been labelled a retiree. If you believe in yourself and your caliber, do not let an age threshold put a full stop to your work life. There are plenty of reasons and work engagements available to keep your post-retirement monotony and challenges at bay. So, buckle up for a new journey and commit yourself to new endeavors, because life is too short for just one career.

Saumyajit Roy

Founder and CEO, Emoha Elder Care

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