Do's and Don'ts for Aspiring Mobile Gaming App Developers India is an emerging market for aspiring mobile gaming app developers and the time is now to make a mark

By Pramod K Maloo

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For aspiring mobile gaming app developers, there is always the possibility of making mistakes and the reasons can be many. Less experience and exposure can also lead the developers in making mistakes. With overwhelming competition in the market, there is no scope of repeating those mistakes. There should always be a clarity of the idea before developing an app.


Try to Strike Emotional Connect With Users

In India, what always works is how you connect with your target users. It is very important that you should have an emotional connect with the users so that they can relate to you. Only then you will be able to reach your users. This will motivate them to invest more time on your app. Users those who feel an emotional connection with the brand stay longer with them in comparison to those who only focus on profit.

If the User is Stuck Somewhere, Send Them a Tip to Boost Their Morale

It's very important to give a helping hand to the users if they are stuck somewhere. Keep them motivated and let them know that you are here to help so that they don't lose interest. You can also share some tips and tricks during the game, it will help them to stay focused and concentrate. No only this, you can also share some interesting quotes with the user in case they are finding it difficult to move forward.

Keep the User Experience in Mind

Before developing any app, one should always be clear about how good the user experience should be because at the end of the day, it is what matters the most. Users are the key factors for the success of any application. It is very important that the user should be satisfied and happy with the overall experience of the app. After all, happy users are the key to an app's success. This will ensure that the user keeps using the application with interest and excitement.

Empower the User

While developing a mobile gaming app, the focus should not only be on the gaming part but also should be an attempt to empower the users in terms of improving their knowledge and skills, their presence of mind. You can share some inspiring life stories with the participants and motivate them to take part in the development of the society and take an initiative for the welfare of people and benefit living beings.

Continuously Innovate the Product and Customer Experience

It is very important to stay updated and run faster than your competitors. There should always be a scope for improvement and creativity. Everyday, a new product hits the market which is better than the others and if we don't want to lose the pace, we have to keep on updating and improving. To make customers happy and satisfied, it is important that upgradation of application and service stays inflow. Coming up with new ideas and adding them to your product will not only benefit the developers but will also keep the users updated and to be a part of something creative and new.

Identify your Target Users Very Clearly and All Your Communication Around That

The developer should always be clear about their target users. Clarity is a must, as it will enable one to deliver according to the demand. Communication is a crucial part of the mobile gaming app and the message needs to be delivered in its true form. There should not be any distraction or misunderstanding in communication.


Don't Target Players at All Hours of the Day

Always keep in mind that everybody needs a little break. Same applies to a mobile gaming app as well. There should always be a standard time gap between time-slots so that an excitement amongst the users is always present.

Don't Push Notifications too Much

A developer should know that too much is not cool. There should be an understanding of frequency and clarity of suitable timing for sending notifications because if notifications are too frequent, it might interrupt the game of the user which is certainly not a good thing.

Don't Put the Questions Which are too Obvious

They say if there is no challenge, there is no fun. A developer should always come up with challenging questions. There should always be a slight difficulty level while playing any game as it heightens the excitement of the players.

Don't Ignore Security and Governance

With the advancement of technology and digital atmosphere, it is very important to take security measures seriously especially when there is money involved. With proper measures in place, it is possible to control malfunctions and breach of security.


With correct planning and pre-decided goals, it is possible for any mobile gaming app developer to achieve what they have planned. India is an emerging market for aspiring mobile gaming app developers and the time is now to make a mark. With an overwhelming competition in the industry, it is very important that developers be aware of the market scenario to understand things better.

Pramod K Maloo

Co-founder, StupidApp

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