The Act of Seeking Support is Actually a Sign of Ambition. Here's How

The handholding support of a super specialist gives you nothing less than the best

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SUPPORT- A word you have heard, know, felt sometimes given and taken. Who do you think needs or takes support? The one who is weak, right? But the real scenario is completely opposite — support is much needed by people with strength.

Only a strong person with an unfailing determination in his/her mind and a flame in his/her heart chooses to seek support, to be the best in the field of their choice. The popular convention sees the act of "taking support' as a sign of weakness. But here is the good news, it is not! It is instead a sign of ambition! So what will you choose to be weak, or strong?

Who to Seek Support From?

This crucial decision can make or break your success. At the time of taking support, if you choose persons who are experts in their field, they not only solve your problems but also add value to your existing skill set. An advice, assistance, help or support from such a person not only solves your current problems, but also helps you prepare for many future challenges.

Whereas, seeking support from anyone else except the experts drifts your boat further away from the shore.

In Indian Mythology, Pandavas used to take support from Lord Krishna and Kauravas used to seek support from Shakuni. History is evidence of the demise caused by the maleficent support system and the glory a benevolent and expert support system can bring.

Who are you Seeking Support From — Shakuni or Krishna?

The handholding support of a super specialist gives you nothing less than the best. Isn't that exactly what you need! Look around you, search the internet for the best people in your field and observe what they do and how they do to become what they have become. Try to get in touch in person with them. For instance, when you were a child and needed support in the subject you found difficult, like mathematics or science, did your parents search for any teacher or the best mathematics or science teacher? Best one, right!

When you'll start looking for support, you'll come across both the categories of support- Upgrading and Degrading. The choice is up to you, always. Choose the Best person, Master of the subject, Specialist of a field and let them sculpt your future like a vision.

How Does this Happen?

Why is it so essential to keep a company of only super master specialist of a field to excel? Why not mediocre? Why not keep the company of an average?

It is because: when you value somebody's value system, their value system becomes your value system. If you choose to surround yourself with an underperformer, you'll never be an outperformer. Start surrounding yourself with people of right belief system complementing your goal statement. Look for the most qualified professionals of your interested field to learn what makes the Legends who they are.

You've got to find the like-mindedness. Not just in the company you keep, but also your friends, the movies you watch, the games you play, the things you learn, till everything in your life becomes aligned to your Legendary Goal Statement. An athlete becomes his best among athletes, a mathematician becomes better among mathematicians, a singer needs the company of a singer to excel in singing. Search every moment around for every bit of thing that can contribute to your goal statement.

What to do When you Find your Super Specialist?

Having a resource and not using it, is same as not having it! When you find your master performer mentor, observe what they do and how they do it. Follow their expert moves like your own Success Rituals to improve yourself. Not for a day, a week, a month or a year, but consistently for every day that is to come. Consistency is the key to attaining perfection. The Depression of Recession can only be crossed by Consistency in Progression.

Efforts can Bring Progress, only Continuous Efforts Bring Progression.

The Depression of problems constantly challenges your consistency, the ones who understand this key point, touch pinnacles of their field. Ratan Tata is one classic example of turning struggle story into a success story through consistent efforts.

Athletes as legendary as Michael Jordan did not learn his revolutionary game in one day, consistent efforts for years yielded the results that we all celebrate. Nobel laureate Mother Teresa did not change the world in one go, it was her everyday effort of helping one person at a time. Arunima Sinha did not climb the highest peak of the world in one effort, it was her every day strengthening rituals which made her an unparalleled achiever. As the football icon Lionel Messi puts in his words, it took me 17 years and 114 days to become an Overnight Success!

Your improvement is not a miracle, it is a process. A gradual process of efforts being done every day.
Dr. Vivek Bindra

International motivational speaker

Dr. Bindra is a renowned International motivational speaker and leadership trainer. He has around 1,500 clients spread across 25 countries. He is working towards empowering Indian businesses by sharing management solutions extracted from Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.

He is the winner of best leadership trainer award by Dr. Marshal Goldsmith at World HRD Congress 2016. He was conferred with the Honorary Ph.D. degree, Doctorate of Philosophy from OIUM University of Colombo.

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