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Why Women-only Networking Groups Don't Really Help Irrespective of the gender, one should find a group that can fulfill his/ her objective

By Kamalika De

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Regardless of your business domain, it is indispensable that you build a strong network for upward growth. From brainstorming about new business ideas to getting feedback on a newly launched product, a strong professional network helps in several ways. And one way of doing it is joining a networking group.

But should you join a women-only network to connect with professionals who can help you in your business endeavors? Of course, being a woman yourself, you might be tempted to join women-only networking groups. However, doing so might not be a wise decision. Why?

Here are the top three reasons:

1- The Value of Network

Needless to say, you join a network because you want to grow professionally by learning from the experiences of other people in the network. That can only be possible if you join a powerful network having people with diverse work experience. When I say diverse work experience, I mean professionals who have faced a wide spectrum of challenges. Don't you think women-only networking groups might lack a male outlook on professional challenges that involve men? The emphasis should be on joining a network that has resourceful members in it, and not what gender it comprises of. Indeed, you might be more relaxed in a women-only group, but it is not the real reason why you want to join a networking group.

Sahiba Sethi, Community Builder & Founder at HelloMeets is not in the favor of women-only networking. "We all must network together as the world is run by both women and men and by doing women-only networking events, you are limiting yourself from growing more " - Sahiba shared.

2- Strength of Network

Undoubtedly, women are successfully leading in many fields that were once considered men's turf. However, it has been scientifically proven that male and female brain work a bit differently. Gregory L. Jantz Ph.D. says in his article on Psychology Today, "females are great multi-taskers, while men excel in highly task-focused projects."

If you join a women-only network, you might not leverage the full power of networking because women-only network is devoid of a certain kind of expertise that men possess. On the contrary, joining a mixed networking group will provide you with rich support and guidance to grow professionally.

Utkarsh Arora, CEO at Revex Media, is also against gender specific group at work. "In Revex Media where we have a nearly equal ratio of men and women team members, I see how they both complement each other. It works like magic; how their different way of thinking and meta- programs eventually bring the perfect mix of exceptional work." Utkarsh shared.

3- Productivity of Network

You want to join a network because you aim to strengthen professional relationships, getting fresh ideas, accessing new opportunities, and finding solutions to your business problems. As men and women have different ideas, viewpoints, and marketing insights, a mixed networking group comprising of men and women offers a better flow of ideas and problem-solving techniques than a women-only networking group. Though you might love having chitchat in a women-only networking group, the scope of growth will not be wide in such a group. However, a networking group with gender-diverse members on board brings all-round growth opportunities to the table.

Networking groups are quite helpful in staying on the cutting edge of your field, finding people who can support you, getting fresh ideas, and accessing new opportunities. Irrespective of the gender, you should find a group that can fulfill your objective.

Kamalika De

Freelancer, Entrepreneur India

An independent writer and journalist, Kamalika De regularly contributes to various leading online platforms. She has founded DoQuickly to offer simple hacks to do things quickly.

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