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#4 Leadership Goals One Can Learn the India Chief of this European Oil Major As a leader you get to a point wherein you begin to question what your personal motive in life is and what kind of legacy do you actually want to leave behind

By Sneha Banerjee

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Shell India

Corporate structures at large organizations as well as startups have no biases towards the age while distributing important job roles today. Younger executives, with the right set of knowledge and work skills, are gradually considered top contenders for key executive roles today.

The Netherlands-based Royal Dutch Shell Plc's India Chief Nitin Prasad one such leader, who today has a new set of challenges and ambitions ahead of him with the launch of the company's new technology centre in India.

In an interview with Entrepreneur, where Prasad spoke about tackling political and industry challenges, we also discovered some key leadership qualities that truly justifies his rise to the top.

Satisfying one's personal purpose

As a leader you get to a point wherein you begin to question what your personal motive in life is and what kind of legacy do you actually want to leave behind. His idea of a good leader is to build a great team and build a solid company culture.

Create an impact on his team

It's important as a leader to build a sustainable company and making an impact on people's life. It's not only important to take the company forward, but equally important to shape the careers of employees working with the firm.

The Indian team of Shell India is about 6000 and is gradually growing beyond that number and Prasad aims to build great careers out of these employees.

Doing something for the society

It's important to understand the needs of the society one is a part of. One needs to understand what the economy around him requires and build products around the same.

In Prasad's case, he is working to see the growing energy needs of the Indian population, alternative energy sources and meeting policy needs.

Having fun at work

Keeping the work dynamics aside, a leader must also ensure that he has fun at work and enjoy the little things that come with it. Keeping priorities of both family and work in his mind, Prasad likes to give equal importance to both these aspects.

Netherlands- based Shell, recently inaugurated its technology centre in Bangalore.

Sneha Banerjee

Entrepreneur Staff

Former Staff, Entrepreneur India

She used to write for Entrepreneur India from Bangalore and other cities in South India. 

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